Kim Claps Back at Pap’s Skin Insult

Kim Kardashian-West is typically able to look the other way when tabloids come at her, but on Tuesday she came across a story that couldn’t be ignored.

A paparazzi photo of the reality star grabbing lunch with sis Kourtney Kardashian was tweeted out, with the caption “Make-up mogul suffers bad skin day ahead of Master Class beauty seminar.”

The mom-of-three retweeted the message and clarified that it was psoriasis all over her face. “Keeping Up” fans know the skin issue is nothing new for Kim and she has been open and honest about her condition from the beginning.

This weekend Kim will join Anastasia Soare and Mario Dedivanovic for a six-hour beauty Master Class in Los Angeles. The event is being described as a “once in a lifetime experience.”