Comedian Suffering From Morning Sickness

Amy Schumer has been hospitalized due to complications from her pregnancy. The comedian was taken to a Texas hospital on Thursday for extreme nausea and had to cancel her show at the Winspear Opera House. A source says that both the baby and mom-to-be are okay, but the hospital wanted to admit her for some monitoring.

Celebs, Angry Mob Seize Senate Building

Protesters led by celebrities took over a senate office building on Thursday. Actresses Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski led an enraged mob opposed to Brett Kavanaugh as they shouted “We believe Christine Ford!” The throng was addressed by New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren before some 300 protesters were arrested by U.S. Capitol police. The protesters in part were furious about the newly released FBI background investigation, which Democrats insist is shoddy and incomplete.

Amy Schumer Arrested

“Comedian” Amy Schumer got arrested while protesting Brett Kavanuagh in Washington DC on Thursday. Video on social media shows a police officer asking her if she wants to get arrested — she answers “yes.” She was holding an “I believe Anita Hill” sign. No word on what the specific charge.

It’s worth noting that Schumer is cousins with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.