Today Announces Megyn’s Replacements

Megyn Kelly’s replacements have been named. Just three months after the NBC show “Megyn Kelly Today” was cancelled, it was announced that Dylan Dreyer, Al Roker, Sheinelle Jones and Craig Melvin will be the new faces of the third hour of “Today.”

MEANWHILE—The “Today” show is also looking for a replacement for Kathie Lee Gifford, who plans to leave the fourth hour of the show in April. Rumors are that Jenna Bush Hager is in the running to be Hoda Kotb’s new co-host.

Al Roker Defends Costume

Al Roker is defending his choice of Halloween costume, after the Megyn Kelly “blackface” fallout. The hosts of the “Today” show dressed up in 80’s inspired costumes on Wednesday for Halloween; Al was Doc Brown from “Back to the Future.” One Facebook follower of the show was confused on how Megyn lost her job for asking “a question about dressing as an admired character of color if you are of Caucasian background,” but Al dressed as a beloved character who happens to be Caucasian. Al replied to comment with a direct tweet:

“I’m going to say this one last time, but the folks who get it, understand and the ones who DON’T, won’t. I can be Doc Brown, and I wear the outfit and wig and not change my skin color if you’re white, you can be President Barack Obama if you want. Just don’t color your skin!”

Bitter Blood at NBC

Al Roker may have had ulterior motives when it came to Megyn Kelly getting the boot. The 64-year-old was reportedly bitter when he was kicked out of his 9am time slot for Megyn’s new show on NBC. Since the backlash of Megyn’s blackface comment—which Al called her out for—her show has been cancelled and is being replaced by a show with existing NBC talent, such as Al. The Monday show was anchored by Al along with Hoda Kotb, who started out the show saying, “today begins a new chapter.”
MEANWHILE—Megyn Kelly’s exit deal with the network is still being negotiated. She is asking for $50 million.