Academy Awards, Revisited

The Academy has scrapped plans to show the awards for hair and makeup, cinematography, editing, and live-action short on tape. They announced plans to present the awards during commercial breaks, and air the announcement and acceptance speeches later in the show, in order to cut down on time it takes for winners to get to the stage. Those who really wanted to see the live announcements could have done so by watching live feeds online or on social media. But the backlash was too much, and these categories will air live alongside all the others.

Academy, Interrupted

The Academy Awards won’t air a few of their awards live as part of its host-less broadcast this year. Best Cinematography, Editing, Makeup & Hairstyling, and Live-Action Shorts will be announced and awarded during commercial breaks. The announcement and speeches will then be aired later in the broadcast, but quickly edited to exclude the long winner reaction and walk up to the stage. It’s all in an attempt to pick up the pace of the show.

Alfonso Cuaron and Guillermo del Toro weren’t happy about it, at least on Twitter. del Toro said cinematography and editing are the “very heart of our craft” in a Tweet.

But for those diehard cinefiles, they’ll be able to watch the awards in real-time on Oscars social media accounts and on

No-Host Oscars

There won’t be a host at this year’s Academy Awards. A variety of A-Listers will setup awards and segments throughout. The Academy tried this before 30 years ago — and it didn’t go great. A no-name actress appeared as Snow White in the opening musical number, trying to interact with the audience, as A-Listers watched on in horror at the bizarre show.