21 Savage Back in Jail

Just days after being released from ICE custody, 21 Savage is in trouble with the law again. According to TMZ, the rapper turned himself in when he found out there was a felony warrant out for his arrest. The warrant stems from an incident in 2016 when he bailed on a club gig, but kept the payment. 21 was released on his own recognizance.

He will get a court date unless he chooses to settle the $17,000 tab with the club.

Hey Fans, Here’s My Address

Chris Brown received a visit from police following a call to the LAPD about his well-being, last Friday. The rapper, who has been beefing with Offset via Instagram, posted his home address, laying out a road map straight to him for his 50 million followers.

The cops showed up and talked to Chris’ security who said the rapper was fine. The cops advised the rapper’s team to remove post containing his address and it has since been deleted.

Chris and Off have been feuding since CB posted a meme making fun of 21 Savage’s ICE arrest. Off defended 21 which led to an expletive-laced rant from CB.

Who Arrested 21 Savage?

What went down when 21 Savage was taken into custody has become a back and forth diatribe between his attorney and the police. According to law enforcement, the day that the rapper was taken into custody, he was pulled over for driving recklessly and almost hitting a fully-marked cop car. He was also believed to be in possession of a fully loaded Glock.

Per 21’s lawyer, Alex Spiro, “ICE has confirmed that he was targeted for immigration enforcement and nothing more. He was never arrested by police, and some other individual’s firearm and vehicle is not our concern here.”

Meanwhile, 21 is still in ICE custody with deportation proceedings in the works.

Chris Brown Beefing with Offset

Chris Brown is beefing with Offset over the ICE arrest of 21 Savage. CB clapped back after the Migos rapper called him “lame” for posting a meme making fun of Savage for being from the UK. He then challenged the fellow rapper to a fight and told him to suck his d**k. Off responded saying “coke head don’t want smoke.”

21 Savage’s Arrest Retaliation?

21 Savage thinks his ICE arrest was done in retaliation, as he released a song condemning the behavior of immigration officials just five days prior to his arrest. He adds that he was never hiding and officials had his address since 2017 when he applied for a U-Visa.

Savage’s manager says that since his arrest on Sunday, his client has been spending 23 hours a day in lockup and is only allowed 10-minute phone calls.

21 Savage’s Visa Application Led to Arrest

21 Savage’s lawyer believes his client was arrested by ICE because of his application for a U-Visa to become a legal resident. USCIS (United States Citizenship And Immigration Services) investigates all applications, which includes background checks. In the check it was discovered the rapper was born in the U.K., came to the U.S. legally in 2005 on a visa, but that visa expired the following year and he has been living here illegally ever since.

Savage applied for a U-Visa in 2017, a form of relief for people who have been in the U.S. illegally for 10 years or longer and have a qualifying U.S. relative living here—in this case, it would be his 3 kids. The issue is that he has a felony conviction for drug charges from 2014, that knocks out him qualifying for a U-Visa.

Demi Lovato Quits Twitter

Demi Lovato has taken a leave of absence from Twitter. The “Confident” singer received backlash after joking about the ICE arrest of 21 Savage—real name Sha Yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph.

The rapper, who was born in the U.K., was arrested Sunday morning for reportedly overstaying his visa and faces the possibility of deportation. He has reportedly been living in the U.S. illegally since 2006—he came here in 2005—and has claimed to be from Atlanta.

MEANWHILE — Tomi Lahren made fun of 231 Savage getting picked up by ICE, and Cardi B took the opportunity to extend their feud by replying to Lahren’s Tweet with “don’t make me get my leash.” In a previous beef, B threatened to “dog walk” Lahren.  Nicki Minaj also weighed in, questioning Lahren’s understanding of American history since Lahren herself is not, actually, an immigrant, so she has no right to laugh at someone getting deported. Or something.

Rapper Gets Crowd To Pled To Cardi

21 Savage is trying to help his boy Offset out. While performing at the Rolling Loud Festival in L.A. on Friday, the rapper got the whole crowd to chant for Cardi B to take her hubby back.

Later that night Cardi’s estranged baby daddy was seen celebrating his 27th birthday at a club, where he said his birthday wish was for forgiveness and a reconciliation.