Officiating Continues to Frustrate Fans and Players

Sad is the state of Roger Goodell’s NFL. There have been countless controversial penalties in the NFL this season, many affecting the outcomes of games. Most have been of the unnecessary roughness variety or roughing the passer.

Fans don’t gather at their local watering holes or attend games to see officials throw flags. In the feigned interest of safety game is close to being rendered unwatchable.

The NFL pays lip service to player safety. It only really cares about the safety of offensive players, primarily quarterbacks.

Miami Dolphins’ defensive tackle William Hayes was lost for the season after suffering a knee injury trying to not land with his full weight on Oakland Raiders’ quarterback Derek Carr so as to not receive a rough the passer penalty.

This is a league that schedules Thursday night games giving players three days to recover from the Sunday game and puts the travelling team at a disadvantage.

This is a league that still allows below the knee cut blocks on defensive linemen by offensive linemen. Something high school football and the NCAA have outlawed.

Forget the flag kneelers and the politicization of the NFL. The incompetent, biased and inconsistent officiating is leading to the dramatic decrease in ratings in recent years.

No ratings, no ad revenue, no profits for The Shield.

Roger Goodell please pick up the white courtesy phone.

Post Match Brawl Taints the UFC

What was supposed to be the biggest UFC match of the year between two of the sport’s biggest stars turned into an ugly post-fight brawl that left UFC President Dana White gob smacked.

Just moments after UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov (NUR-mah-go-med-off) defended his title with a submission over challenger and UFC star Conor McGregor, Nurmagomedov, climbed the cage and charged McGregor’s jujitsu coach a full on melee ensued with a member of Nurmagomedov’s entourage punching McGregor in the back of the head.

Once order was restored three of Nurmagomedov’s entourage were arrested but released after McGregor declined to press charges.

A sad post script to an night that should have launched Nurmagomedov into UFC superstardom with a victory over the sport’s biggest star.

In a post-fight presser UFC President Dana White feared the long reaching affects this might have on the UFC’s image saying the night was “really disgusting and disappointing to me.”

NY Giants Safety Rips Refs

In what has become a sad and running theme throughout the NFL this season, officials are being blamed for a loss suffered by the New York Giants against the Carolina Panthers on  Sunday.

While the Giants were nipped at the gun by a Graham Gano 63 yard, yes a 63 yard field goal, Giants’ safety Landon Collins was in no mood to be conciliatory.

When asked by the media in a post-game interview when the mood of the team was, Collins replied with a curt, “The mood is we need better refs, point blank, plain simple. It’s bogus calls being called out there.”

Collins was called for a questionable unnecessary roughness penalty while attempting to make a play on the ball that extended a Panther drive in the fourth quarter that would have forced a 4th-and-13. The drive resulted in a touchdown. The Giants surrendered three first downs on penalties in the game.

In addition to the unnecessary roughness call the Giants felt Carolina was given a first down on the game winning drive that seemed to come up short on 3rd and 1.

Giants players and fans lit up Twitter with rage at the officiating.

Collins will probably be getting a call from the commish asking a for a bit of coin for his comments.

Regardless of how the Giants feel about the penalties, just or unjust, they are still 1-4 after five weeks in the season.

Le’Veon Bell Who?

According to Pittsburgh’s mayor Bill Peduto, the Steelers don’t need Le’Veon Bell to make a Super Bowl run. Peduto told TMZ Sports that “James Connor’s proving to be a worthy back and it’s a team sport. It’s beyond one player”. Bell has yet to report or sign his franchise tag. Every game he skips, he is giving up an $850,000 paycheck.

Blame The Neighbors

Cubs outfielder Jason Heyward pointed out the sad, but obvious. Heyward told reporters that although his team has the “best record” in the National League, they “haven’t clinched” it yet. He spoke on the fact that the other teams in the league are playing well, especially their neighbors to the North, the Brewers. He finished by saying “its time to pay respect to how good these other teams have been playing baseball”. At the time of reporting, the Brewers were only half a game behind the Cubs.

Roughing the Passer Penalties

The NFL’s competition committee is set to meet next week regarding the obscene amount of roughing the passer calls this season. Three weeks in and there have been 33 penalties against defensive players. Last year there were 106 and the year prior ended at 85 for the whole season, for all 32 teams. The major issue, is that the league decided to make a “point of emphasis” on the 23-year-old rule. Said rule, “prohibits defenders from landing on the quarterback with their full body weight or driving him into the ground with excessive force”. On the books since 1995, the league decided to push the rule because of complaints from coaching staff regarding protecting their QBs. The complaining is now coming from the other side, with coaches saying they don’t know how to coach based on the strict enforcement of the rule. Two sources told ESPN, that coaches and players shouldn’t expect to see any major changes this season, but discussions are ongoing.

Too Many Penalities

The NFL is “getting soft”. That is how Packers linebacker Clay Matthews feels after getting another roughing the passer penalty. The league stands behind the call and referenced the new NFL Rule in a tweet, shortly after the penalty play. Ironically the rule, regarding hitting the quarterback, became more strict after Packers’ QB Aaron Rodgers was tackled and broke his collarbone. To show just how strict the rule has become, here is a little tidbit: Matthews entered 2018 with a total of four roughing penalties in his 10-year career, he is 3 for 3 so far this season.

Season Over For 49ers QB

Jimmy Garoppolo’s season is over. The 49ers QB suffered a left knee injury against the Chiefs on Sunday. An MRI confirmed that he tore his ACL, which is a season-ending injury. Tom Brady sympathized with Garoppolo, who was Brady’s former backup in New England, as he also suffered an ACL tear against the Chiefs during the 2008 season.

TO Valedictory

TERRELL OWENS addressed his alma mater Tennessee-Chattanooga over the weekend, dishing on why he chose to miss this weekends Hall of Fame Ceremony in Canton, Ohio. Owens denied all the rumors that he skipped because it took three nominations for him to get voted in and instead said it was because of a “flawed voting process” and sports writers not being in alignment “with the mission and core values of the Hall of Fame”.