Why The Drugs?

Boosie can’t wrap his head about the fact that Bill Cosby had to drug women to sleep with them. The rapper told TMZ that the entire saga left him “scratching his head.” He said, “women lining up outside hotel rooms for a chance to have sex with celebs is totally common” and while he isn’t saying Cosby is NOT guilty, he thinks “some women have ulterior motives” and that could “be the case for some of Cosby’s alleged victims.”

Kendra Has Found Love

Former Playmate Kendra Wilkinson has fallen in love. The recently divorced mom of two, took to Instagram to announce that she is once again dating. Kendra wrote, “Been dating myself lately. Getting to know myself and even falling in love.” The 33-year-old was married to former NFL player Hank Baskett for 9 years before the two called it quits this year.

Justin Needs a Rest

Justin Timberlake had to postpone his concert in Los Angeles on Monday night due to bruised vocal cords. This is the second concert this month that the 37-year-old had to cancel to rest his voice; he canceled his performance at the Tacoma Dome in Washington earlier this month. He also postponed two concerts in October for the same reason. Fans who were going to attend the concert in L.A. are being told to hold onto their tickets as the venue pledges to honor them for the rescheduled event—which is to be determined.

Fab Four Feud

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moving out of Kensington Palace and into a cottage on the Windsor Estate, the internet sleuths have been digging for drama among the Fab Four. Reports of tension between the royal brothers have surfaced as well as speculation of a less than chummy relationship between the royal wives. The Telegraph reported that there was a tense moment before Meghan and Harry’s wedding that led to a rift between the Duchesses. According to two sources, Kate “left in tears following a bridesmaids dress fitting for Princess Charlotte.” While there is no mention of what caused the Duchess to get upset, she had just given birth to Prince Louis and could have just been extra emotional.

Playing Nice For Khloe

The Kardashians are playing nice for Khloe’s sake. According to People magazine, despite the consensus that Tristan Thompson is nowhere near good enough for the 34-year-old, they are being nice and respectful to him. A source told the mag that the youngest Kardashian sister “has asked them to respect whatever decisions she makes for her family, and that’s what they are doing right now.”

49er Arrested

A linebacker for the 49ers was arrested on Saturday at a hotel in Tampa Bay. Reuben Foster was accused by his ex-girlfriend of slapping her in the face and breaking her phone. The ex called 911 and when police arrived, Reuben was handcuffed and booked on a 1st degree misdemeanor domestic violence charge. The alleged victim told police that she has been in a 3-year on-again, off-again relationship with the 49er. She also accused him of domestic violence back in February, but later recanted. The 49ers cut the linebacker following his arrest

Heather Locklear Needs More Treatment

Heather Locklear’s mandatory psych hold has been extended 2 weeks. The actress was placed on a 3-day psychiatric hold last Wednesday, but her doctors have determined that she is in need of additional treatment. Sources told TMZ that she will likely not have to do the full 2 weeks and a plan is in place for her to enter a facility for long-term treatment.

Tekashi69 Pleads Not Guilty

Tekashi69 received his trial date on Monday morning, after he entered a plea of not guilty in his federal racketeering case. The rapper, who has been incarcerated since his arrest on November 18th, was notified that his trial date has been set for September 4th. The issue of bail was not addressed at the hearing, so as of now, Tekashi will remain behind bars until that date. His attorney, Lance Lazzaro, did offer to pay $750k, surrender the rapper’s passport and have him remain on house arrest, but it was all denied. The 22-year-old has 6 charges against him and could face anywhere from 25 years to life in prison.

I’m Not Gay!

Shawn Mendes is once again addressing rumors that he is gay. The 20-year-old told Rolling Stones magazine, that he often analyzes his own interviews, voice and body language to see what vibe he is giving off. He added that he feels like he needs to “go be seen with someone—like a girl—in public to prove to people” that he isn’t gay. Shawn was previously linked to Hailey Baldwin—now Hailey Bieber.

Star Got Sucker Punched

Todd Bridges got sucker punched while trying to help his neighbor. The “Diff’rent Strokes” actor accompanied his wheelchair bound neighbor to evict a woman living in the man’s home. Things escalated fast and Todd got punched in the face by the woman’s boyfriend. The 58-year-old told TMZ, “No one likes to be sucker punched, but I am glad that I was there to help my neighbor, who was faced with a potentially dangerous situation.” The man who punched Todd fled the scene. No police report has been filed.

Give Me My Bracelet

Internet star Hayes Grier is suing his former legal guardian Griffin Hadley. Hayes claims he told Griffin to purchase a Cartier bracelet using the then 16-year-old’s credit card. The problem is that Hayes says he never received the bracelet. According to documents obtained by TMZ, Hayes has been asking Griffin for the $45,000 bracelet, but is getting blown off, so he has decided to take legal action.

He Is My Boyfriend

Jaden Smith—son of actor Will Smith—has doubled down on his statement that rapper Tyler the Creator is his boyfriend. Jaden first mentioned the relationship while on stage at Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival earlier this month. Tyler, who was in the audience, laughed and waved his finger—as if saying “no”—to the shocking revelation. The 20-year-old reaffirmed that they are in fact in a relationship on the Music Beats 1 Radio show saying, “I recently said Tyler is my boyfriend and that’s true, so just so you know.” Tyler has yet to comment.

Drake’s Add On

The renovation plans for Drake’s Toronto mansion are insane. The 35,000 square foot home includes 2 saunas, a massage room, 10-car garage, elevator, gym, screening room and full basketball court. The singer is now working on his master suite which reportedly will be 941 square feet—taking up about half of the second floor. He requested that it include his own private stairwell, 2 dressing rooms, 2 closets, a steam shower, 2 balconies and an outdoor hot tub and kitchenette. The 32-year-old purchased the home in 2017 for $4 Million and has had it under construction ever since.

“In The Family Way”

Her Majesty hates the word “pregnant.” Instead, the Queen refers to women who are expecting as “in the family way.” This was all revealed in an old article—from when Prince George was a newborn—that Us Weekly recently uncovered. A palace source said the Queen thinks the word “pregnant” is just too “vulgar” and will not use it nor have it used in her presence. Totally a Queen Elizabeth-y thing to do.

Kim Did Drugs

In Sunday’s “KUWTK,” Kim Kardashian-West revealed that she was high on ecstasy when she made that infamous sex tape. While chatting with sister Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick, the mom of three made the confession about her former party girl days. Kim also admitted that when she married Damon Thomas she had taken ecstasy. The marriage only lasted 4 years—about 3 times longer than her marriage to Kris Humphries, which only lasted 72 days.

Roseanne Feeling Fine

Roseanne Barr says she is just fine and has “no medical issues” following some rumors circulating online. According to E! News, a man—alleging to be a former assistant to the actress, named Frank—called into the Sputnik News radio show and told the host Lee Stranahan that Roseanne had suffered a heart attack. The 66-year-old, upon hearing the news, tweeted that she was the “victim of a prank” and feels just fine.

Weekend Box Office: 11/26/18

10. A Star is Born (2018): $3
Million (down from 7th)

9. Green
Book: $5.4 Million (up from 22nd)

8. Widows:
$7.9 Million (down from 5th)

7. Robin
Hood (2018): $9.1 Million (premiere)

6. Instant
Family: $12.5 Million (down from 4th)

5. Bohemian
Rhapsody: $13.9 Million (down from 3rd)

4. Fantastic
Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald: $29.7 Million (down from 1st)

3.  Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch (2018): $30.2 Million
(down from 2nd)

2. Creed
II: $35.3 Million (premiere)

1. Ralph
Breaks the Internet: $55.7 Million (premiere)

Aretha’s Estate Sells Detroit Mansion

Aretha Franklin’s historic mansion in Detroit has sold for $300k. The 5,600 square foot home is located next to the Detroit Golf Club and was reportedly the last property owned by the late entertainer in Detroit. The Queen of Soul passed away earlier this year after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. She was 76-years-old.

Don’t Drop The Soap

Tekashi69’s drama has followed him to his prison cell. Apparently, a number of inmates at the facility where the rapper is being held are pissed at the special treatment they believe he is receiving. Tekashi is being housed in a dorm designated for high-profile inmates, dirty cops and child predators. The dorm was cleared out before the 22-year-old arrived and then filled with “docile” inmates who are not affiliated with any gang. Lance Lazzaro, Tekashi’s lawyer, told TMZ he doubts his client is getting any sort of special treatment.