Rough Skies for Tara Reid

Tara Reid had a rough time getting to New York yesterday. She was booted from a Los Angeles-based flight after throwing a temper tantrum for being put in the wrong seat, then later for not getting a pillow. While flight attendants tried to cool her down, the pilot returned to the gate and had her kicked off. She says she was just annoyed at the person in front of her reclining too far — she got on a later flight.

The Cruise Safety Net

Nicole Kidman says marrying Tom Cruise when she was 22 years old protected her from sexual harassment or abuse. Talking to New York Magazine, Kidman says she married for love, but also for protection, and that she doesn’t like talking about that marriage because she’s now madly in love with husband Keith Urban. But during their 11 years together, she knew no executive or actors would mess with the wife of a box office powerhouse like Cruise.

Blame Mac

Mac Miller’s death was the tipping point that began the end of Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s engagement. She was distraught about her ex-boyfriend’s apparent drug overdose, and had tried repeatedly to get him into rehab. Following the death it caused her to re-evaluate her relationship with Davidson, realizing she rushed into it; the pair did get engaged after dating only briefly.

MEANWHILE — bystanders say the pair were all hugs and kisses during SNL on Saturday night. There was apparently no big blowup sending them apart; it was just time. 

Birthdays: October 15

Ginuwine (Elgin Baylor Lumpkin) – rapper – 48

Paige Davis – “Trading Spaces” host – 49

Emeril Lagasse – celebrity chef – 59

Sarah Ferguson – former Duchess of York – 59

Tito Jackson – musician – 65

Larry Miller – actor – 65

Richard Carpenter – singer, with his sister Karen – 72

Penny Marshall – director, former actor, “Laverne and Shirley” – 76

Lee Iacocca – former Chrysler and Ford President and CEO – 94


Mario Puzo – author, “The Godfather” – 1920

John Kenneth Galbraith – Harvard economist, former editor of Fortune, close friend and correspondent of William F Buckley Jr. – 1908

Friedrich Nietzsche – philosopher – 1844

History: October 15


The first combat submarine sinks.

The Hunley was developed by Horace Lawson Hunley for the Confederates. It was 40 feet long and crewed by 8 — one sailor steered and the other 7 turned a giant crank that churned the propeller.

After successful tests off the coast of Alabama, it was shipped by rail to South Carolina. On its first launch, a mechanical function caused a leak in the hatch, and it sank.

The second time out, Hunley himself was on board for a public demonstration to restore confidence.

He and the crew submerged, and never came back up.

By February, it was raised again, and put back into commission.


The first US Draft Card is publicly burned.

A law had recently outlawed their destruction, in response to increasingly outlandish war protests.

David Miller was a Catholic pacifist, who drew a tremendous crowd of protesters when he burned his card in New York City.

He was arrested and found guilty, and spent 2 years in prison.


Inventor Thomas Edison sets up the Edison Electric Light Company in New York.

He had financing from the likes of the Morgans and Vanderbilts, the tycoon families of the time.

By 1880, Edison would patent an electricity distribution system and set up the first private power plant in 1882.

The Edison Electric Light Company would become part of General Electric in 1892.


Nazi brass Herman Goering takes his own life with a cyanide tablet.

He held a variety of titles, as is typical in despotic regimes:

President of the Reichstag

Commander in Chief of the Luftwaffe

Head of the Gestapo

Prime Minister of Prussia

Chief Forester of the Reich

Chief Liquidator of Sequestered Estates

Supreme Head of the National Weather Bureau

He was also designated to be Hitler’s successor.

Goering was largely responsible for instituting the despicable ethnic cleansing policies instituted throughout the Nazi empire.


Wayne Gretzky breaks the NHL record for career goals scored, with 1,850.

The previous record was with Gordie Howe.

When Gretzky retired 10 years later, he would hold records for most career goals, 894; career assists, 1,963; and career points, 2,857.

Is Depp Innocent?

Johnny Depp is asserting the accusations of domestic abuse leveled by ex-wife Amber Heard are unfounded — and he’s thanked authjor JK Rowling for standing by him in the media. When accusations surfaced that Depp had gotten violent with Heard, there were calls to kick him out of the “Fantastic Beasts” movie series, but Rowling stood by him. Depp says it’s because she knows he had been “falsely accused” and that he feels bad she was thrust into the middle of the controversy. 

A-Rod & J. Lo Go Way Back

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have history, it turns out. The retired baseball pro shared a picture to Instagram of an autographed pic of J. Lo signed “to Alex” circa 20 years ago, well before he was a household name. He says he was “just a young ball player.” Even Jen chimed in with an Insta comment, replying “OMG!! Who found that??”

Steve Levitan & Wife Formally Split

Modern Family co-creator and EP Steve Levitan is officially divorced from his wife Krista. She’ll get $4 million a year in spousal support, and they’re splitting assets down the middle, including the sale of their $40 million Santa Monica estate. She filed for divorce in 2016 after 23 years of marriage, and there was no prenup.

Harrell Goes to Jail

Former 3 Doors Down bassist Todd Harrell is going to spend 10 years in prison for possession of a firearm by a felon. It’s the max sentence. The conviction stems from a domestic abuse complaint made by his wife; when cops showed up, they found the gun and drugs. His felony status is the result of a 2013 drunk driving incident that killed the other driver in 2013 and another DUI in 2014.

Britney, TBD

Britney Spears made a major announcement on the Ellen Degeneres show on Friday: which is that she’s making a major announcement on October 18, when a video with all the details will appear on Ellen’s youtube channel. Britney could be due for another Vegas residency, or possibly be putting out new music. Or something else entirely.

Split: Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have called off their engagement. They announced it back in May, causing plenty of heads to spin. Their relationship had been at the center of more than a few jokes on Saturday Night Live, where Davidson appears, since its return from summer hiatus three weeks ago. Friends say they’re leaving the door open for something in the future, but now just isn’t the right time. Worth noting, the ring is estimated to have cost $100,000.

Michael Buble: Out

Singer Michael Buble says he’s retiring from showbusinesses. He’s been promoting his forthcoming album, “Love,” but once that’s done he’s out of the celebrity limelight. Buble says his five-year-old son’s successful battle with cancer changed his life and his priorities, and he doesn’t have the stomach to handle the challenges of celebrity. He says he’s leaving on a high note though, calling “Love” a “perfect record.”                              MEANWHILE–Buble’s rep says the singer “is absolutely not retiring. He is not going anywhere.”

Birthdays: October 12

Josh Hutcherson – Actor, played Peeta Mellark in The Hunger Games – 26

Bode Miller – Olympic skier – 41

Marion Jones – shamed Olympic track star – 43

Kirk Cameron – Actor, Growing Pains – 49

Hugh Jackman – Actor, X-Men – 50

Carlos Bernard – Actor, 24 – 56

Chris Wallace – Fox News Sunday anchor – 71


Luciano Pavarotti – operatic tenor – 1935

History: October 12


Christopher Columbus arrives in the New World.

He believed he had reached the shores of East Asia, when in reality he was on a Bahamian island. Columbus claimed the land for Ferdinand and Isabella, the monarchs of Spain. He was eager to discover and collect the gold and spice that the Far East promise – obviously to no avail.

Ultimately Columbus would lead 4 trips to the Americas, and charting the Gulf of Mexico, South and Central America, and many Caribbean islands – but without ever stepping foot in the United States.


The Crown Prince of Bavaria marries Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen, and locals celebrated the union with drinking and horse races.

The spectacle turned into an annual gala – we know it now as Oktoberfest. With time, it turned into a days-long event, beginning in late September nad ending the first Sunday in October.

Over 1 million gallons of beer are drank every year at the fest.


The Philadelphia Athletics pound 10 runs in the 8th inning of game 4 of the World Series against the Cubs.

They had been trailing 0-2 until then. In a “Dewey Defeats Truman” moment, 10,000 copies of the Springfield Daily News had already been printed deploring the A’s terrible gameplay before the 7th inning had even ended.

The A’s would eventually win the series in game 5 – their first in 16 years.


Ticked off at the Philippine delegation to the United Nations, Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev bangs his shoe against a table in a meting of the countries.

The Philippines accused the Soviet Union of hypocrisy for decrying colonialism in southeast Asia while occupying East Berlin.

Khrushchev grew furious, and in a fit of rage pulled off his sneaker and did the deed.

It took quite some work to restore order: the General Assembly President pounded his gavel so forcefully that it broke.


USSR spaceship Voskhod 1 blasts off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. The mission would mark a two feats for manned space travel:

-FIRST with a crew of more than 1 person – in fact there were 3.

-FIRST to not have the crew wear spacesuits

The mission ended 2 days later. It was another blow to the dawdling American space program, a dynamic that would not shift until the US landed on the moon just before the end of the decade.


Terrorists attack the USS Cole while refueling in Yemen.

A rubber dinghy filled with explosives charged the ship, blowing a gaping hole in the hull and killing 17 sailors. 38 more were wounded.

It was assumed to be the handiwork of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda.

An investigation ensued – but there was no clear connection to the terrorist kingpin.


The UN grants Internet Inventor Al Gore with the Nobel Peace Prize for … making a movie about global warming.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change credited the flick with kickstarting the global “green” movement.

Al also won an Oscar for Best Documentary.

Live from the Dumpster

Dumpster Human Danielle “Bhad Bhabie”/”Cashmeoussidehowbowdah” Bregoli is getting a reality show — for the small screen. She’ll appear in a 12-episode Snapchat series called “Bringing Up Bhabie.” Rumor is she’s one of the most-followed snapchat stars. Filming is slated to begin this month.

Fifth Disharmony

There’s still bad blood between Camila Cabello and members of Fifth Harmony, the girl-group she left in the lurch to pursue a solo career. She says she gave plenty of notice, but the bandmates left over say she just left. To avoid any drama, they were kept plenty far away from eachother during Tuesday night’s American Music awards. Cabello was front and center next to Taylor Swift — also because Cabello had a few nominations herself. The other Fifth Harmony gals were in other parts of the theater.

Joe Giudice Deported

Joe Giudice will be deported to Italy following his release from prison in March for fraud. Wife Theresa is devastated, but has no plans to follow her convict husband and uproot her kids. The Real Housewives of New Jersey plans to keep her four kids — aged 17, 14, 13, and 9 — in the U.S. No specific plans to get divorced, either, but she wants to try to make it work, taking long distance relationships to a new level.

Ye Bill Signing

Kanye West and President Trump’s lunch discussion is scheduled for today, and Ye will stick around for a special bill signing ceremony. Trump will be signing the Music Modernization Act into law. The bill is intended to be a boon for both artists and streaming services by decreasing the liability those services can incur if they stream music according to appropriate guidelines. Recording Academy President Neil Portnow is going to be on hand too.

Birthdays: October 11, 2018

Michelle Wie – LPGA golfer – 29

Michelle Trachtenberg – actress, Harriet the Spy – 33

Emily Deschanel – actress, Bones – 42

Artie Lange – Howard Stern staffer and comedian – 51

Luke Perry – actor, Beverly Hills 90210 – 52

Joan Cusack – Actress – 56

Steve Young – 49ers QB – 57

Elmore Leonard – novelist – 93


Eleanor Roosevelt – former first lady – 1884

Henry John Heinz – of the Ketchup fame – 1844

History: October 11, 2018


Before being vilified as a traitor, Benedict Arnold was a keen Patriot general; on this date he defended Valcour Island on Lake Champlain in New York from a British fleet.

Though the Continentals would eventually lose the fight, Arnold’s forces gave ground troops enough time to mount strong defenses around New York. The British advance into the city would not be attempted again until the following year.

Arnold was also a hero of the capture of Fort Ticonderoga the year before. In 1780, angry that he had not received enough credit for his military victories, he took a bribe from British brass and surrendered American intelligence.


Pope John XXIII gathers the Second Vatican Council.

The gathering of bishops was to consider ways to modernize the Church in an advancing society.  It also aimed to bring together disparate Christian churches, particularly the Eastern Orthodox, Anglicans, and Protestants.

Though Pope John died the next year, his successor, Paul VI, continued the Council.


Apollo 7 launches into orbit.

It’s the first manned Apollo mission. On board are Wally Schirra, Don Eisele, and Walter Cunningham.

The mission lasted 11 days. The crew was the first to broadcast live on TV from orbit.


Arkansas lawyers Bill Clinton and Hillary Rodham get married in Little Rock. There aren’t too many details on the wedding – and the rest is history.


The first episode of NBC’s Saturday Night premiers.

It stars Chevy Chase, John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner, Garrett Morris, Jane Curtin, and Laraine Newman.

At the time it competed with an ABC show called Saturday Night Live with Howard Cosell, but NBC bought the naming rights in 1977.

It has since become the longest-running and highest-rated show in late-night TV. The show has always been broadcast from studio 8H of the GE Building (now Kabletown) in New York.


Peanut farmer Jimmy Carter is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

The former one-term president had worked extensively to undermine American policy between Israel and other Arab countries.

AMA 2018 Recap

American Music Awards 2018 Winners List:

  • Tour of the Year: Taylor Swift
  • Favorite Male Artist – Pop/Rock: Post Malone
  • Favorite Duo/Group: Migos
  • Favorite Song – Pop/Rock: Camila Cabello, “Havana”
  • Favorite Female Artist – Country: Carrie Underwood
  • Favorite Artist – Rap/Hip-Hop: Cardi B
  • Favorite Male Artist – Soul/R&B: Khalid
  • Favorite Album – Soul/R&B: XXXTentacion, “17”
  • Favorite Artist – Adult Contemporary: Shaw Mendes
  • Artist of the Year: Taylor Swift
  • New Artist of the Year: Camila Cabello