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Morning Martini is a daily roundup of celebrity and political news, written for broadcast delivery. It's catered specifically to radio and podcast hosts who need stuff to talk about, but don't want the hassle to find it on their own.

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The Hit List is a daily rundown of the day's top 10 stories in just a couple sentences, so you know what's going on in the world. Hard news, business news, kickers, sports headlines, and anything else you need to know to be in the know for your show.
Daily recap of big names whose deaths were reported the day before.
Daily recap of big names and celebs in the hospital or taking it easy due to illness or injury.
Conscious uncouplings, headline-dominating splits, and called-off engagements from across the celebosphere.
Stork incoming -- headlines about big names expecting and updates on births.
When your favorite celebs start dating or get engaged, you'll find it here.
When wedding bells are a-ringin', we have have the latest nuptial news.
Daily recap of the blowhardery and bullshittery from the nation's capital.
Who wants to be a millionaire? Updates from Powerball and Mega Millions.
Every Monday, a rundown of the box office breakouts and flops Friday - Sunday.
This is the heart of Morning Martini: A daily rundown of celebrity and entertainment industry news, gossip, and folderol.
Big names behaving badly get reported daily in Celebrity Cell Block. Who's in court, headed to jail, or getting in trouble with the law.
Big names have big houses, and when they're on the market we take a look at what's inside.
Like an octopus, the tentacles of the Kardashian Clan are everywhere -- and you'll find it here.
Weddings and babies and queens, oh my! The latest from Buckingham Palace and beyond.
Daily sports stats, news, and commentary.
There's something silly -- or somber -- to celebrate every day.
Here's what happened on this day in history.
Big names celebrating birthdays today -- living and past.

The Team

Nik Nelson - Editor & Publisher

Nikki Gietman - Managing Editor

Chris Rochester - Political Editor

Kevin MacDougal - Sports Editor

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