History: March 15, 2019

44 B.C. — 2,063 years ago — Brutus stabs Ceasar in the Roman senate.

As many as 60 men were in on the assassination attempt.

They wanted to get at the ruler before he left to fight a war. He had already appointed governors to rule in his absence.

But the senators didn’t much like Ceasar anyway, and especially didn’t want to report to his underlings anymore.

Authentic accounts have Brutus stabbing Caesar in the groin, and the emperor’s last words being, in Greek, “You too, my child?”

It was Shakespeare’s play that immortalized the Latin phrase, “Et tu, Brute?”


General George Washington arrives in New York to end a feud between military leaders and Congress.

The soldiers were upset over having not received adequate compensation for fighting in the American Revolution.

They were promised a lifetime pension of half pay, but instead Congress bought them out with five years of full pay.

Ultimately, Washington persuaded his men to have confidence in the emerging American government.


Maine becomes the 23rd state.

It had been under control of Massachusetts as a province since 1647.

Maine became a state in part of a deal struck with Southern senators, who agreed to enter Missouri into the Union as a slave state.


Czar Nicholas II of Russia is forced to surrender the throne.

As the February Revolution knocked the royals out of power, Nicholas gave up control to the insurgents.

With the Russian Empire dead, it was quickly replaced with Soviet Union, and a communist dictator.


Bobby Orr becomes the first NHL defenseman to score 100 points in a season.

He knocked in 4 goals against the Detroit Red Wings to surpass the 100 mark.

He finished the season with 120 points — a ridiculous number for a defensive player, let alone a player on offense.


“The Godfather” debuts in theaters nationwide.

The 3-hour epic film followed the lives of the Corleone family.

It was based on a bestselling novel by Mario Puzo. It starred Marlin Brando, who for years had not had a hit movie, and was known for erratic and uncontrollable behavior on set. But director Francis Ford Coppola fought for Brando — who would win a Best Actor Oscar, which he declined to accept.

Today the Godfather ranks among the greatest movies of all time.