The Hit List: March 13, 2019

  1. Alan Dershowitz calls the university bribery scandal unsealed yesterday “the tip of the iceberg” and “the great scandals of the 21st Century.” More details on the suspects and case in Cell Block >
  2. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has grounded all Boeing 373 Max 8 jets following recent crashes of the plane. The US Federal Aviation Administration says “it doesn’t see any reason” to keep them on the ground … based on the information currently available.”
  3. Rupert Murdoch is pushing regulators in Australia to break up Google, saying the tech giant has too much control on “both online search and ad tech services.” At minimum, Murdoch says the business should be broken up between its search and advertising components, since it holds too much control over how web users access news and information.
  4. Facebook removed ads run by Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign, which called for to unwind “anti-competitive” tech mergers that have made companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon so large. Facebook has backtracked, saying the ad merely violated the use of its logo, and is in the process of restoring the ads. So Warren took to Twitter to gripe about the removal. What a world.
  5. The flu is back, as was warned. A strong strain circulating the American southeast will spread across the country in April and May, the CDC predicts. Even if you’ve had it once this season, it could hit you again. Researchers say it’s not too late for the flu shot if you haven’t gotten it to protect yourself against the stronger strain later this year.
  6. A routine eye scan could be a predictor of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers at Duke correlated blood vessel activity between healthy patients and those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. They hypothesize that the changes in blood vessels in the eye could begin occurring before major symptoms become noticeable.
  7. One in four Americans prefer to travel alone — and 45% say traveling with a partner “holds them back” on a trip — according to Travelex. Half of respondents also say going alone makes them more likely to interact with locals and 46% say going solo makes them more spontaneous.
  8. Montana has had its coldest winter on record. Temps have averaged between 20 and 30 degrees below average across the state, and into parts of the Dakotas. This winter has brought unprecedented, sustained cold weather and temperatures across the United States.
  9. The New York Parks Department wants to ban park visitors from feeding squirrels and birds. Feeding any other type of animal is currently illegal. A new proposal would mean a $50 fine — or even a night in jail — for bringing food the squirrels or pigeons. Proponents of the rule say the crumbs that aren’t picked up by the intended recipients just contribute to a growing rat problem.
  10. Apple’s next Developer’s Conference has been confirmed for March 25. The event is expected to debut a new content streaming service, which Apple hopes will bring in 100 million users in just three years. It will rival streamers like Netflix and Hulu.