History: March 12, 2019


A blizzard blankets New York City, killing hundreds and causing millions in property damage.

Over 36 hours, more than 40 inches of snow fell on the city.

Without a way of clearing large snowdrifts, the city became isolated from the rest of the world, unable to import necessary resources.


President Franklin Roosevelt broadcasts his first fireside chat, live from the White House.

It came just 8 days after he was sworn in.

He took the time to speak about the national banking industry, during the lowpoint in the Great Depression.

At the time, nearly a third of the American workforce was unemployed. Roosevelt though his chat could help restore confidence in the nation and the economy.

Before the 24-hour news cycle and Internet, this method of communication was the most efficient and quickest way to reach a large segment of the country — at the time, 90 percent of households owned a radio.


The Austrian Chancellor had learned of the invasion plans earlier in the year, and met with Hitler to avoid conflict and assert Austria’s sovereignty.

Instead, the Chancellor was forced to name Nazis to his cabinet.

By March 11, he was forced to resign, and on the next day, Hitler personally oversaw his tanks and troops roll into the country — to much fanfare and enthusiastic crowds.


In his State of the Union address, Harry Truman explains and outlines his philosophy and strategy for the Cold War. It would become known as the Truman Doctrine.

He asked for American assistance to aide Greece and Turkey, which were in close in proximity to outbreaks of communism in Europe and Asia. This is by some accounts the first declaration of the Cold War.


The Dixie Chicks come under fire for bashing George W. Bush. Lead singer Natalie Maines had said at a recent concert that she was ashamed the President was also from Texas.

At the time, the national sentiment toward the Iraq invasion was still favorable, and the comment caused instantaneous backlash.

Even Toby Keith played a concert in front of a backdrop that featured Natalie Maines and Saddam Hussein.


The College of Cardinals convenes in the Vatican to select the next Pope.

Early favorites were Angelo Scola of Italy and Odilio Scherer of Brazil. Instead, the vote ultimately went to Jorge Bergolio from Argentina —- a surprise pick.

He took the name Francis, and has since been celebrated as a progressive in the Church.