The Hit List: March 7, 2019

  1. 448 passengers on board a VIRGIN Atlantic flight were quarantined at London’s Gatwick Airport after a mysterious illness affected the passengers. Everyone started coughing and one is thought to have soiled themselves, one source on board says. 30 of the quarantined received medical attention and two were taken to the hospital.
  2. Researchers are getting closer to a cure for HIV. There were 12 years between the announcements of the first and second patients totally cured of their infections. But two days after the second announcement, a Dutch team has announced the third cure, and the third and fourth are expected to follow in the next weeks and months.
  3. The inventor of the Segway scooter has teamed with FedEx to create a delivery robot capable of traveling 10 miles an hour and carrying 100 pounds. The bot can traverse sand and gravel and maneuver through puddles, potholes, and curbs, the inventor says. A trial of the new delivery machine is slated to start in New Hampshire, before these drones are available across the country.
  4. Americans are cancelling cable packages faster than ever. 2.8 million ditched their providers last year, up from 1.5 million in 2017. Satellite providers were the hardest hit. Meanwhile, DirecTV Now, which streams cable content online, and Sling TV, each recorded six-figure subscriber gains in 2018 and have 4 million subscribers between the two of them, Deadline Hollywood reports.
  5. A Philadelphia Taco Bell has been the site of two fistfights in recent weeks. Video has surfaced of six workers in uniforms holding down and punching a customer, then later socking his girlfriend. Then on March 3, a delivery person and a Taco Bell employees got into a fight. The tension has stemmed from GrubHub orders, which employees have been instructed to give precedence while leaving customers in-store to wait sometimes over an hour for their chalupas.
  6. The Berkeley student who was caught on video punching to the ground a conservative student has pled not guilty to three felony and one misdemeanor counts. The video evidence is pretty cut and dry. But his attorney says he has a clean record and hopes he gets due process.
  7. The Mars InSight rover can’t burrow any deeper into the Red Planet — its hammer-probe is stuck on a rock or gravel. No word on why the rover can’t move 10 feet and try again.
  8. Family Dollar is shuttering 390 stores and rebranding 200 other locations. The cheapo retailer has 8,000 stores nationwide and is owned by Dollar Tree, which has 7,000 outlets under its own name.
  9. Remember when Net Neutrality rules were reversed, and now no one has Internet access? Oh right, that didn’t happen, but the Save The Internet Act would re-implement the rules that barred content providers from charging more for certain content, a fear that simply has not been realized since undoing Net Neutrality rules.