The Hit List: March 5, 2019

  1. The two young sisters who were found after going missing over the weekend have told officials they got lost after following a deer trail. Once they realized they couldn’t find home, only 1.4 miles away, they decided to stay where they were, hiding in a bush. They drank fresh water from Huckleberry leaves.
  2. A South Carolina man or woman just got $1.5 billion richer. A single winner has come forward to claim a five-month old record-breaking jackpot. There’s typically 180 days to claim a lottery prize. The winner’s elected for the one-time $877,784,124 payout. That’s before taxes. 7% will go to the state and 24% to the feds, leaving $605 million in pocket change. ┬áThe state of South Carolina will also get a $61 million windfall.
  3. Turns out Google has been underpaying the MEN who work there. In order to balance out discrepancies due to any perceived biases, Google shelled out $9.7 million in raises to over 10,000 employees.
  4. Southwest Airlines really wants you to try its new route to Hawaii. The two-day introductory sale, which ends today, offers flights to the islands via San Jose or Oakland for as little as $49 one-way. The service starts March 17. They’re also planning routes via San Diego and Sacramento.
  5. France is getting ready to tax tech giants who often skate free on sales taxes due to not selling tangible goods. Companies who exceed 750 million euros in global revenue and 25 million euros in France will be subject to up to 5% of sales there. This will include taxing digital advertising, information sales, and online marketplaces, like Amazon.
  6. Volvos rolling off the assembly line in 2020 won’t be able to exceed 112 miles per owner. The carmaker is doing its part to clamp down on rising car accidents — the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration attributes more than one-fourth of US crash deaths to speeding in 2017. Volvo’s also looking at smart technology that would meter speeds in dangerous areas, such as around schools and hospitals.
  7. Northern Michigan University is out with its brand new medicinal plant chemistry degree — but it’s not just an excuse to smoke dope. It’s actually a rigorous organic chemistry course, just focusing on the mind-altering drugs and their applications, as well as “cultivating, researching, analyzing and marketing the herb,” CBSPhilly reports.
  8. The Center for Disease Control is warning about the flu hitting back in the next few months with a stronger, resistant strain than the one that hit households across the country between Thanksgiving and late-February. The H3N2 virus will dish out relentless fevers around 103 degrees, as well as risks of pneumonia. Experts expect it to hang around until May, and the highest risks are those born after 2001, who have “little or no immunity to this strain or variants of it,” CBS Denver reports.