Spacey Strategy

Kevin Spacey’s attorneys are going after his accuser’s cell phone and personal cloud records from 2017. A judge has granted a motion that the accuser retain all cell phone data from that year, but did not make a final ruling. The defense intends to argue that the victim did not feel threatened or treat their encounter as an assault until months later, when his mother was financially motivated to go after the actor.

MEANWHILE — DailyMail reports that Spacey’s alleged victim never told his girlfriend about the alleged assault, the owner of the club never saw Spacey act inappropriately, and no one talked about an assault after Spacey attendee’s the establishment. However, it’s been confirmed Spacey was hitting on the young man. But one waiter even says the whole encounter was blown out of proportion.

AND YET —┬áThe girlfriend of the accuser says she received a snapchat of Spacey’s hands on the alleged victim’s pants, though she never heard him say anything about anything explicitly illegal.