History: March 5, 2019


Spanish explorer Antonio de Ulloa begins his governorship of the Louisiana Territory. The land fell into Spanish hands after the Treaty of Paris, a reward from France for having been their allies in a war with England.

But the French colonists weren’t so happy about it.

Ulloa was a capable explorer and scientist.

But he was a miserable leader.

He easily buckled to angry Frenchmen, and used the sitting French governor as a puppet to disseminate all of his decisions.

Just 2 years later, French political leaders forced Ulloa into exile in Havana, Cuba.


Occupying British troops fire on a mob of angry colonists who had been heckling them.

The troops were in Boston to enforce new taxes levied by Parliament.

Future president John Adams successfully represented 4 of the 6 soldiers in court. The two found guilty were branded on their thumbs as punishment, and swiftly released.


British Prime Minister Winston Churchill coins the term “iron curtain” in a speech at Westminster College in Missouri.

The iron curtain described the communist regimes across Europe and Asia supported primarily by Moscow and the Soviet Union.

Churchill was a vocal antagonist of European communism. While his leadership helped defeat Hitler, he was concerned over the growth of leftist regimes across Europe following World War II.


After nearly 30 years in power, Josef Stalin dies.

The Soviet dictator actually grew up in Georgia – the country – and spoke accented Russian his whole life. At a seminary, he studied Marx and communism.

As a crony of Lenin, Stalin served as the head of the Bolshevik party. When Lenin died, Stalin consolidated his power base and had his enemies murdered — even Leon Trotsky, who was living in exile in Mexico.

Stalin’s lasting legacy was the Gulag Archipelago, a series of labor camps he sent political dissidents to die.

Three days before his death, guards grew curious when he still had not left his room by 10 p.m. A deputy commandant entered the bedchamber and found Stalin on his back covered in his own dried pee, on the brink of consciousness.

The official cause of death was cerebral hemorrhage. Theories abound that a poison placed by an assassin triggered the hemorrhage.


The Wham-O toy company patents the Hula-Hoop.

Arthur Melin’s name is on the patent — he’s the company’s co-founder.

In 4 months, more than 25 million hoops were sold.

Wham-O’s first toy was the slingshot, and also mass marketed the boomerang and Frisbee.


President Obama hits a new low in approval ratings, losing 7 points over the course of a week to 46 percent, just weeks after his second inauguration.

The dip followed the failure for Congress and the White House to broker a deal that would prevent “the sequester.”

Meanwhile, his disapproval rating also spiked UP 6 points, from 40 to 46 percent.

His approval would crater in the low-40s, but rebound to the high-50s in his last year.

****EDITORIAL NOTE *******

Gallup’s page with Obama’s historical job approvals only shows the percent of people who approve. Trump’s shows the disparity of Approval vs Disapproval.

Obama: https://news.gallup.com/poll/151025/obama-job-approval-monthly.aspx

Trump: https://news.gallup.com/poll/203207/trump-job-approval-weekly.aspx