History: March 4, 2019


Franklin Roosevelt becomes the last president to be sworn in on March 4.

Until the 20th Amendment, the constitution mandated March 4 as the day the president would begin his term. As technology and communications systems improved, less time was required after the election to install the new head of state.


Ronald Reagan marries Nancy Davis.

The two met when Nancy sought Ron’s help to keep her name off the Hollywood Blacklist during Joe McCarthy’s ambitious purge of communist sympathizers. He was, at the time, president of the Screen Actors Guild.

They married a year later. Reagan successfully ran for governor of California 15 years later.


Ernest Hemingway finishes “The Old Man and the Sea.”

He wrote his publisher that day, informing them not only that the story was finished but that it was his best work.

The work culminated a decade-long dry spell, in which he did not write any new notable works.


Secretary of State John Foster Dulles makes an authoritative speech against communism.

As the Soviet Union continued to prop up leftist revolutions across the globe, the U.S. became particularly concerned with South America, where revolutions were ripe.

The speech was given at the Inter-American Conference, a gathering of nations in the western hemisphere. Following the speech, the gathering passed a resolution that formally condemned communism — but no further action was taken.


Martha Stewart leaves the slammer, following five months served.

The homemaking maven was convicted of insider trading in 2001. After her 5 months in prison, she was required to serve the rest of her sentence under House Arrest, for another 5 months.

Similar convictions could’ve resulted in a 16 year sentence, but her celebritae certainly helped.

While serving time, her company managed to thrive. Its stock value quadrupled.