Thomas Markle Shares Details of Personal Letter

Thomas Markle has shared what was written in the letter he claims was sent by daughter Meghan Markle. Although not-yet-verified as authentic, the handwritten letter was released to the Daily Mail on Saturday.

The five-page note begins with Duchess Meghan calling out her “Daddy” for all the pain he has caused and in doing so, breaking her “heart into a million pieces.” She continues with how she has supported her father both emotionally and financially, but the “attacks made at Harry” were the most “painful of all.”

To conclude, Meg begs her father to just stop talking to the tabloids and let them live their lives.

Thomas defended his decision to release the personal details of the letter, which he has had since last August, because he couldn’t’ take all the lies that were being spread about him. Hmm….

Kensington Palace has not commented on the letter.