Hit List: February 11, 2019

  1. In for 2020: Elizabeth Warren (who says she’ll prosecute companies that edge out their competition) and Amy Klobuchar (who says she’ll win the Midwest).
  2. Amazon may not be building a new campus in New York City after political fallout over tax incentives for the company and public backlash.
  3. A Kentucky mother is being held after her 4 year old daughter tested positive for cocaine. The young girl passed out at school and was taken to the hospital, where tests revealed the drug in her system. The mother — Anniquita Wright — said she let a friend deal out of her home and even let her kids sit with the dealer at the kitchen table. She’s being held on two counts of child abuse.
  4. Hungary is offering tax breaks to families with children in the hope of boosting domestic birth rates. The package of new legislation would provide government backed home loans, subsidized car purchases, and no income tax for women raising at least four children.
  5. Insects are becoming instinct at a rate of 2.5% a year, much quicker than any other kind of animal life on the planet. Specialists fear this could collapse ecosystems and cause widespread famine.
  6. Everyday home goods have been slowly increasing in price as manufacturers respond to higher cost of raw materials. Everything from baking soda and toilet paper to diapers. Church & Dwight Co — parent company to Arm & Hammer — is just one of the companies boosting costs to consumers, reports Wall Street Journal.
  7. Chimps at the Belfast Zoo craftily used a tree branch as a ladder to escape their enclosure. It’s the second breakout in as many weeks, when a Red Panda recently liberated itself from its enclosure and was found wandering in a garden a mile away.
  8. Coca Cola is coming out with a new flavor: Orange Vanilla. One marketing exec there says she hopes the flavor reminds drinker of “carefree” summer days. Or just find one of those Do-It-Yourself drink machines at fast food joints.
  9. NASA is still receiving and analyzing photos of Ultima Thule, the asteroid photographed by New Horizons as it zipped into deep space. One thought to be “snowman-shaped,” the space rock is actually more like two flat attached discs, not spheres. It will take 20 months to receive all the pics, which the probe snapped from a distance of 2200 miles at 32,200 miles per hour.
  10. As incidents of measles have skyrocketed in Clark County, Washington, so have shots. Vaccinations are up 500% there, the epicenter of what some fear could launch an outbreak of the very preventable disease.