Hit List: February 8, 2019

  1. Jeff Bezos is fighting back against The Enquirer. He published online the magazine’s list of compromising photos it was prepared to publish online if he didn’t stop his personal investigation into how text messages between him and his mistress were ever leaked in the first place. He’s now getting divorced because of The Enquirer’s snooping.
  2. The Universities of Exeter and Oxford in the UK have scientifically concluded that happy thoughts about other people will biologically slow your heart rate and, in some cases, boost your immune system.
  3. San Antonio, TX is seeing a bump in the number of measles cases, and is imploring families to get infants vaccinated early. Meanwhile, a similar increase in measles cases in Washington state has doctors fearing a major outbreak could be imminent.
  4. You’ll party and you’ll like it: Ahead of the Year of the Pig in China, Muslim citizens have been forced to eat pork and drink alcohol, or be taken by force to a re-education camp.
  5. Amazon is getting into the driverless car space. It’s invested heavily in Aurora, a company pioneering the technology. Amazon was one part of a $530 million round of fundraising that valued Aurora at $2 billion.
  6. A new line of airplane “Black Boxes” will send data in real time via satellite, speeding up investigations into missing of crashed airplanes. Currently the box has to be recovered before investigators can listen to cockpit recordings and get flight data. But new technology from Honeywell will allow that information to be backed up in real time.