The Hist List: February 6, 2019

  1. DJT gave the State of the Union last night — lots more in The Swamp.
  2. #MeToo has hit the Catholic Church. Speaking in the United Arab Emirates, of all places, il Papa admitted that clergy have systemically abused nuns over the years, and he’s taking serious efforts to stop it.
  3. So much for world overpopulation. A new book says in 30 years the human population will start declining, but not to balance out; once the decline starts it won’t end. The authors of “Empty Planet” say United Nations models that predict overpopulation rely on statistics and projections, but not the human element — as women around the world have more access to education and career opportunities, birth rates will decline.
  4. The Patriots enjoyed a victory parade in Boston following their Super Bowl win. Gronk tossed Tide Pods into the crowd, which at one point turned into an all-out brawl. Fighting? And punching? In Boston? Is nothing sacred?
  5. A new study shows more than half of Americans are certified workaholics. The average worker clocks in 4 unpaid hours a week and spends another 4 out of the office worrying about work. 58% say they worry about work on off-days, feel too busy to take a work vacation, or check emails before getting out of bed in the morning. That means they’re spending 7.5 hours a day in front of a screen; with more than 35% reporting they spend more than 9 hours.
  6. True North has never been farther from the North Pole. It’s speeding toward Siberia from underneath the Arctic Ocean. UK and US scientists update “true north” data typically every five years, but a new formal position is due out shortly, a year ahead of schedule.
  7. An appeals court has granted convicted sexual predator Jerry Sandusky a re-sentencing hearing in his hopes to overturn his current 30-to-60 year stint. They argue mandatory minimums were improperly applied. But meanwhile, he was not permitted a new trial.
  8. You can live where President Trump grew up. The 2500 square foot Tudor style home he lived in until he was 4 years old is on the market for $2.9 million. Sale of the home reportedly also includes a lifesize cardboard cutout of Trump and copies of Art of the Deal — that’s not a punchline. The home’s history is drawing a premium; a similar home across the street is running a comparatively mere $1.25 million.