History: February 6, 2019

American and French delegates meet to formalize an alliance during the American revolution.

The Treaty of Amity and Commerce made the U.S. a sovereign and independent country in the eyes of the French government, and opened up trade between the two countries.

The Treaty of Alliance outlined France’s military support against Great Britain. It said the only term for peace would be the complete independence of the United States from Great Britain.

The Dalton Gang attempt their first train robbery — and fail.

Bob, Emmett, and Grat Dalton were 3 of 10 sons in the Dalton family. One of their brothers became a U.S. Marshall.

A stealing spree of banks and trains would continue for over a year. But in their last robbery, the townspeople in the bank fought back, killing Bob and Grat, and wounding Emmett. Emmet would serve 14 years in prison.

After his release from prison in 1907, Emmett became a successful real estate magnate in Los Angeles.

A German U-Boat torpedoes an American passenger steamer called the California off the coast of Ireland.

The ship sank in only 9 minutes, killing 43.

The attack came 3 days after Woodrow Wilson declared publicly that the U.S. would sever diplomatic ties with Germany if such attacks continued.

Later British intelligence would uncover the Zimmerman telegram. That was a correspondence between the Germans and Mexicans about an invasion of the U.S. via Mexico.

These events combined forced the U.S. into World War I on April 6 that year.

A woman claiming to be Anastasia of the Romanov family arrives in New York City.

The Romanovs were murdered in the Bolshevik takeover of Russia in 1918, but it had been rumored that one child escaped with the help of one soldier.

Several women came forward claiming to be the heir to the throne. But this woman’s story was consistent.

Any gaps in knowledge the real Anastasia should have known were blamed on the time she spent in an asylum following the murder of her family.

After her death, her DNA was analyzed against that of a great nephew to Czar Nicholas — confirming her lineage.

Princess Elizabeth becomes the Queen of England when her father, George VI dies. He’s the guy with the stammer in the movie The King’s Speech.

Elizabeth was in Kenya at the time on holiday. She was 27 years old, married to distant cousin Philip Mountbatten, and had one child, Charles.

She was coronated on June 2, 1953.