Hit List: February 5, 2019

  1. Incidents of cancers related to obesity are skyrocketing for Americans under 50.The Lancet Health reports that colorectal, endometrial, pancreatic and gallbladder cancers in millennials have appeared at double the rate of those born in the 1950s.
  2. Hunga Tonga is an island outcrop in the Pacific that didn’t exist four years ago, but is now teeming with life. Volcanic eruptions contributed to the island’s sudden appearance, and is now home to a vast array of birds and plantlike that sprung up from seeds left in bird droppings. Researchers say being in the middle of the ocean, it could quickly erode away into nothing.
  3. Hawaiian state legislators are looking to do away with cigarette smoking. Legislation introduced would raise the minimum buying age from 21 to 30 over the next 5 years. In 2026, you’d have to be 100 years old in order to buy them.
  4. A Florida woman was arrested Sunday for throwing a frozen pork chop at her boyfriend, causing a laceration just below his left eye. She was arrested and released on bond.
  5. Professor Daniel Pollack-Pelzner says Mary Poppins is racist. By getting covert in soot she’s donning blackface, he says.
  6. SimilarWeb has the rankings out for the most-visited websites in the USA:
    1. Google
    2. Facebook
    3. Youtube
    4. Amazon
    5. Yahoo
    6. Pornhub
    7. Xvideos
    8. Xnxx (porn site)
    9. Ebay
    10. Twitter
    11. Instagram
    12. wikipedia
    13. Reddit
    14. Craigslist
    15. Bing
    16. Live.com
    17. Xhamster
    18. Netflix
    19. Ampproject
    20. Pinterest
  7. Revenue for Google is up 22% year over year and its staff size has doubled over the last five years. Experts contribute the growth to an increase in mobile advertising and expansion into new technologies.
  8. After the Debacle at Goose Bay airport that left United fliers stranded overnight, the company has instructed pilots to NOT use that airport in emergency situations, when circumstances allow.