History: February 5, 2019

The Sunset Route of the Southern Pacific Railroad is completed, linking New Orleans and California.
With the completion of the project, the Southern Pacific Railroad had an almost complete monopoly on railroad logistics for westward transport.
Linking California and the rest of the country helped turn it into an economic powerhouse in the early-1900s and throughout the 20th century.

Mexico establishes a constitution after seven years of civil war.
The regulations included an established separation of church and state and returning land to native tribes.
The document was weak, though. The president was killed by another revolution in 1920. The reforms would actually take hold after World War II, when industrial needs worldwide jumpstarted Mexico’s flagging economy.

Congress passes the Immigration Act, which required literacy tests for anyone entering the country and outlawed immigrants from Asia.
Jingoism was at an all time high in the months leading up to World War I. Progressive President Wilson vetoed the bill, but Congress managed to override it.
After becoming law, immigration into the US plummeted.

Four actors come together to form the United Artists Corporation.
Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and DW Griffith wanted expanded financial and artistic control over their films. So the founded their own studio to produce and distribute their own works.
It would be bought by MGM in 1981 then acquired again in 1992 by a French credit bank.
For a while Tom Cruise was put in charge of running it, until it was acquired again by MGM.

Apollo 14 lands on the Moon.
It was the third successful moon landing.
Commander Alan Shepard famously took up his 6-iron and hit two golf balls during the mission.