The Hit List: February 4, 2019

  1. Pats over Rams, 13 – 3.
  2. Maroon 5 performed at last night’s big game, but frontman Adam Levine didn’t take a knee as a political stance as some spectated he might. But Gladys Knight stole the singing show with a rousing and well-received National Anthem.
  3. The Foxconn development in Wisconsin isn’t going anywhere, and it’ll be as big as ever. After reports that corporate brass were scaling back its production to focus more on R&D, President Trump stepped in to assuage any concerns.
  4. Being a liberal darling doesn’t always backfire so spectacularly: Virginia Governor Charles Northam went from celebrating a late-term abortion bill adored by Democrats to his own party calling for him to step down from office after pictures surfaced of him appearing in a racist photo of a man in blackface and KKK hood. More in THE SWAMP
  5. San Francisco is now home to more hard drug users than high school students. The city estimates there are 24,500 injection drug users today, compared to just 16,000 public high school students. (And who’s been running San Fran for the last billion years).
  6. The first private Moon lander will be launched later this month. Israeli company SpaceIL (SPACE-I-L) will launch a rocket from Cape Canaveral on February 18 and hope to put the Beresheet Lander on the lunar surface — it’s 6 feet across and 4 feet high, shaped like a disc, weighing in at 350 pounds.
  7. Paleontologists in Egypt have uncovered a tomb of 50 mummies — 12 of which appeared to be children. There were no hieroglyphics to identify the remains, but based on how they were buried, the experts think they held religious positions or were of some nobility.