History: February 4, 2019

The Electoral College convenes for the first time, and unanimously elects George Washington the first president of the United States.
Prior to the Twelfth Amendment, the candidate with the second-most votes became Vice President. In this case, it was John Adams, both times.
Washington won re-election by the same procedure exactly four years later, in 1793.
The first congress of the Confederacy convenes in Montgomery, Alabama.
They officially called themselves “delegates from the several independent South States of North America.”
On the docket was drafting a new constitution, which they copied almost exactly from the Union. Some exceptions included a single, 6-year term for the president, and of course, included specific language that permitted slavery.
Before the provisional congress disbanded, they elected Jefferson Davis the first president of the Confederate States.
Ford Motor Company buys Lincoln Motor Company for — $8 million dollars.
That’s about $112 million today.
At the time, Ford was being beaten by General Motors, which was offering a broad range of cars. Ford was still perfecting the Model T, which was only available in black.
After the acquisition of Lincoln, Ford started producing the Model A, which was available in a variety of colors, with several options.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is released by Disney.
Walt Disney personally spent $1.5 million of his own wealth to produce the film. Critics were apprehensive about the picture; they didn’t believe adults or children would sit through a feature-length, animated movie.
Even during the Great Depression, Snow White would gross $8 million. It was the most made by any movie up to that time.
After they screened the film, critics were thrilled.
Mark Zuckerberg launches TheFacebook.com from his Harvard dorm room.
He was partially inspired by an earlier project he started, called Facemash, which had users vote on attractive college co-eds.
After Facemash got publicity in the Harvard Crimson, he began writing code for TheFacebook.
Of course, that website would explode into Facebook, which now boasts more than a billion users worldwide.