Hit List: January 31, 2019

  1. It’s cold. Real cold. Some spots in the Midwest hit a -75° windchill. Brr.
  2. Late-term abortions are suddenly cooler than ever in liberal circles. Last week New York passed legislation that legalized abortion until the moments before birth. Now video of a liberal politician floating legislation to the state legislature in Virginia shows her testifying that indeed her bill would allow an abortion for the same thing. And worst of all, Virgina’s governor Ralph Northam went on the radio saying the baby would be sedated before the procedure. So it’s no longer about “rare and safe” or whatever nonsense they’ve peddled. They’re outright murderers.
  3. CNBC reports that Amazon is developing self-driving cargo trucks. Snaps were posted to Reddit of the experimental project; no word on whether they’ve hit the road yet.
  4. The world’s first sausage-themed hotel has opened in Georgensgmünd, Germany. Claus Boebel is a fourth-generation butcher, and has dreamed of the project for years. Sausage is on every menu item, the pillows are shaped like sausages and the quilts have sausage panels on them. Sausage.
  5. Enrollment in high school football is down 8% in California, where those students often attend prominent PAC-12 schools. The decline reflects waning interests in the NFL and an increasingly dangerous sport.
  6. The International Council on Clean Transportation isn’t thrilled that supersonic air travel is resurging. They report some areas could hear sonic booms every five minutes as these planes break the sound barrier — this could disrupt ecosystems and annoy the locals, they say.
  7. Get up and out of bed to be happier — Exeter University reports that early risers tend to have better mental health and live happier lives.
  8. Facebook is always in the news these days and it’s rarely for anything good — but their numbers are better than ever. The Book posted record Q4 earnings that Mark Zuckerberg says signals it’s turned an important corner and is on the up and up.