History: January 30, 2019


Andrew Jackson survives the first assassination attempt on a US president.

He was the 7th President, to give you some context.

He was attending the memorial service for late Representative Warren R. Davis, which
was open to anyone.

A man named Richard Lawrence fired two separate pistols in the direction of Jackson.
Neither weapon actually discharged, though. Lawrence was tackled and arrested.

After a trial, he was found to be criminally insane.

Jackson spent the rest of his life convinced the Whigs were behind the attempt. Vice
President Martin Van Buren served out his term personally carrying two loaded pistols
whenever visiting Congress.


Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. e was at the time the leader of the National German Workers Party — the Nazis.

Immediately Hitler expanded the police state. New security forces were hired, including
the Gestapo and SS.

The Nazi’s influence was solidified, and continued until Hitler’s suicide 11 years later.


Nathuram Godse shoots and kills Mohandas Gandhi.

The pacifist leader was headed to a prayer meeting.

The assassin and his planning accomplice were swiftly tried and convicted for the crime.

They were executed for the crime in November the following year.


Speed skater Dan Jansen sets the record for the 500-meter sprint, clocking in at
35.76 seconds.

Four days later he took home gold for another world record finish in the 1,000-meter
event, at 1-minute 12-seconds.

After the victories, Jansen retired from competitive skating.