Kylie The Peace Keeper

Kylie Jenner may be making amends on her sister Kim Kardashian-West’s behalf. The beauty mogul revealed her latest Kylie Cosmetics collection, which is all pinks and reds; very Valentine’s chic. It is not the colors that have caught fan’s attention however, but the names of the products. In her Forever Set, Kylie has named two of the products, “Story of Us” and “Forever and Always” which happen to be the exact titles of two of Taylor Swift’s hit songs from the 2000s.

Earlier this month, Kim shared that the beef between her, husband Kanye West and Taylor had been squashed. She even shared a video of herself listening to the singer’s hit song “Delicate” on Snapchat. So while it could be a coincidence that Kylie picked those names for her new cosmetics, it could also be an attempt to keep the peace.