The Hit List: January 28, 2019

  1. He caved: President Trump signed a 3 week budget to reopen the government to discuss a border wall. But he also says after the three weeks, he’s REALLY gonna get serious.
  2. A Louisiana gunman has been arrested. Dakota Theriot shot and killed his girlfriend, her brother and her father, stole her father’s truck, and shot his parents. When his grandmother got wind of the murders she checked in at a hotel because she feared she was next. Sure enough, cops caught Theriot while at her home, where he was taken into custody without incident; he did have a gun on him at the time. No word yet on motive.
  3. It’s gonna get cold. The Midwest will endure temps into the negative-30s with wind chills as low as the negative-40s. Expect the worst of the weather to hit Wednesday and Thursday. These temperatures can produce frost on exposed skin within 10 minutes, the National Weather Service says.
  4. In for 2020: An event for Kamala Harris drew 20,000 people. Former Starbucks exec Howard Schultz says he wasn’t ruled out a run as an independent. Hillary insiders say she’s not ruling it out. And Bernie is for sure in, say folks close to his campaign.
  5. Duke University Director of Graduate Studies Megan Neely has stepped down because she asked Chinese students (that’s students from China, not students learning the language) were speaking their native tongue loudly in common areas and other faculty complained — because they should be taking the opportunity to learn English since, y’know, that’s what they’re here for. After an online petition and accusations of racism, Neely left the post.
  6. Samsung will start replacing plastic packaging of its phones and other devices with more eco-friendly materials this year, relying on bioplastics, recycled plastics, and paper. Phone chargers are also being redesigned so they don’t require a plastic protector during shipping.
  7. Tom Brady is ready to play. He tells ESPN there’s “zero chance” it will be his last game, win or otherwise.
  8. We’re getting higher-resolution pics of an asteroid 4 billion miles away one probe photographed earlier this month by New Horizons. Ultima Thule has been dubbed a “space snowman” for its seemingly stacked spherical shape. The probe was only 4200 miles away during the flyby, the cosmic equivalent of breathing on your neighbor’s neck. The new photos show a huge dent in the left-hand orb, likely from previous cosmic impact.
  9. Measles are getting the Fake News treatment. 31 cases have been confirmed in Clark County, Washington, but as the cases spread, so is misinformation on social media. Anti-vaxxers say the disease isn’t deadly (it could be) — but the locals aren’t deterred. One doc said that in a typical month he gives three vaccinations a month. Lately it’s been up to five a day.