History: January 25, 2019

a 3,106-carat diamond is discovered during a routine inspection at the Permier Mine in Pretoria South Africa by the mine’s superintendent. Weighing 1.33 pounds, and nicknamed the “Cullinan,” it is the largest diamond ever found.

It was lodged 18 feet underground. It went immediately to the mine’s owner — who was named Sir Thomas Cullinan.

The first unofficial Winter Olympics begin in the French Alps.

The games included 14 events covering 6 sports. It was called the International Winter Sports Week. Four years later, the International Olympic Committee designated the second playing of the winter games the second Winter Olympics.

Soviet Premir Nikita Khrushchev agrees that President Eisenhower is leading the charge for peace between the two superpowers.

He would later that year give a historic speech calling for “peaceful coexistence” between the US and USSR.

Khurshchev’s dictatorship was certainly the most benign at that point in the 20th century. But even the optimism for peace fell apart when the Soviets violently squashed a freedom uprising in Hungary later that year.

JFK becomes the first president to hold a live televised news conference.

He gives it from the State Department, and reads a prepared statement regarding famine in the Congo, the release of 2 American pilots who had been held by Russians, and updates on negotiations regarding the atomic test ban treaty.

It was a lot to cover, especially compared to nowadays — but this is before the constant 24-hour news cycle that exists today.

Charles Manson and 3 of his followers are convicted for their brutal murders in 1969.

They all received the death penalty. But the next year the California supreme court eliminated capital punishment.

They remain serving life sentences.