Hit List: January 24, 2019

  1. President Trump has been formally and concretely disinvited from giving the State of the Union address, Speaker Nancy Pelosi has confirmed. He’ll still probably give a speech, but where and to whom remains to be determined.
  2. Director Bryan Singer has been accused of assaulting underage men in a new report by The Atlantic. He denies it. He most recently directed the Queen story Bohemian Rhapsody, which is up for 5 Oscars.
  3. At least five are dead after a bank shooting in southern Florida. The gunman was stopped and arrested at the scene. He reportedly called into 911 while committing the act.
  4. Microsoft’s Edge mobile browser will include standard the NewsGuard indicator, which gives a green dot for reliable news sites and red dots for sites deemed unreliable. “Green” sites include Buzzfeed, CNN, Voice of America, and openly left-wing sites Refinery29 and Vice. But the Red-dot sites? Drudge and Brietbart.
  5. Gossip blog Gawker was looking to relaunch after being purchased for pennies on the dollar by Bustle Media Group, but its only two writers have already quit because, they claim, the editor in chief has made offensive comments about all controversial topics from women to minorities, and ownership did nothing to stop it.
  6. Forget drones: Amazon is testing automated ground robots to deliver packages to homes. The pilot program will start in the Seattle area, and deliver good to customers by the automated “Amazon Scout” robot.
  7. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Twitter exec Jack Dorsey says he once had dinner with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who served him goat meat from an animal on his property he killed earlier, during a year-long phase when Zuck would only eat meat he killed.
  8. The most expensive home ever has been sold. The New York City penthouse is going to investor billionaire Ken Griffin from $268 million. Earlier this year he bought $122 million digs in London, in one of the biggest residential transactions in that city ever.
  9. Hulu is cutting the cost of its streaming service to $5.99 a month, down from $7.99. But the cost to stream live TV is going up $5 a month to $44.99.
  10. Amazon Shipping is looking to expand delivering just its own packages. It’s actively pursuing enterprise clients from FedEx and UPS, saying they’re smaller, more nimble, less expensive, and more efficient.