The Hit List: January 23, 2019

  1. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says the world will end in 12 years if climate change isn’t addressed. She says she doesn’t worry about how to pay for all of her social engineering because fights about healthcare and global warming and income equality are akin to World War II and anything must be done to fix these problems.
  2. The Oscar nominees are out — “Roma” and “The Favourite” each have 10 nods. More in Showbiz News.
  3. Sunday night’s Super Blood Wolf Moon was a hit with spectators, but also provided a unique opportunity for professional and amateur astronomers: those watching carefully saw a meteorite hit the moon at 10:51 pm CST. A small flash was visible for some in the upper-left quadrant during the totality phase of the eclipse. It’s the first time this sort of impact was captured by cameras during an eclipse.
  4. FoxNews anchor Bret Baier is okay after a car accident that flipped his vehicle. He was driving to the airport in Montana after a weekend of skiing, with his family on board. All were released from the hospital after a Good Samaritan driving by helped the family. He returned to his anchor chair Tuesday night.
  5. The “MAGA-Hat Boy” who stood toe to toe with a liberal Native American activist has been exonerated by social media, but he’s not safe. Death threats against him and his classmates have forced the high school he attends to temporary close.
  6. House sales were down 6.4% in December. It’s the lowest number in 3 years. Analysts blame the volatile stock market, government shutdown, high interest rates, and increased mortgage rates.
  7. The government shutdown continues to affect the private sector: Small Business owners waiting on funding from Small Business Administration-backed loans are left without the funds they had been expecting. Some $2 billion in funding is sitting on the sidelines because underwriters can’t close on the deals.
  8. Messaging app WhatsApp will no longer allow users to forward messages. Parent company Facebook says the move was to ebb the spread of fake news.
  9. Target is the latest retailer to enable payment by contactless cards and smartphones. Meanwhile, Apple has announced that iPhone users can pay at Taco Bell, Hy-Vee, Speedway, and Jack in the Box with ApplePay.
  10. Cold temperatures have frozen Niagara Falls, at least in some spots.