Chris Brown Arrested In France

Chris Brown, along with two members of his team, were arrested and released by French Police on Tuesday. According to what French authorities told TMZ, Chris was detained for alleged aggravated rape and narcotics offenses, which he denied on his Instagram page with a post that said “This B**ch is Lyin’.”

The victim, being referred to as Karima, told Closer Magazine that she was with the singer and his crew at a club and then was convinced to go with them to the Mandarin Hotel. Once inside the suite, she said that she went to use the bathroom, but Chris grabbed her arm and pulled her into a dressing room.  What she said occurred next was “brutal and violent” and lasted 25-30 minutes. She added that she was then “abused” by one of his friends and a bodyguard.

A source close to Chris said he was never alone in the room with the alleged victim and his girlfriend Ammika Harris was in the room the whole time.