History: January 21, 2019

King Louis XVI is executed by Guillotine.
The French Revolution was in full force, and the resistance to the monarchy had control of the government and occupied the former buildings and palaces that had belonged to the Royal Family.
The French National Convention condemned King Louis, but not unanimously. There was only a slim majority in favor.
Marie Antoinette, the deposed Queen, would be executed in October that year.
Vladimir Lenin suffers a brain hemmorhage and dies.
The Soviet dictator played a key role in catalyzing the Bolshevik Revolution and became the first leader of the USSR.
While he laid in state, more than 900,000 mourning Soviets would view the body over the course of 4 days.
His body was later embalmed and put on display, where it remains today.
The first commercial Concorde flights take off. Two planes took off simultaneously, one from London and another from Paris.
With top speeds beyond 1,300 miles per hour, the jets cut traditional travel times in half.
John McEnroe is disqualified from competition at the Australian Open.
In a match against Mikael Pernfors, McEnroe got ticked at a lines woman who he thought made a bad call. From a few feet away, he glared at her while bouncing a tennis ball on his racket. The umpire called him out for unsportsmanlike conduct.
But it didn’t stop there. After a series of poor plays, McEnroe angrily slammed his tennis racket to the playing surface.
The head umpire had enough and called the match for McEnroe’s opponent.
Toyota reports that it produced almost 9 million vehicles in 2008, making it the largest car manufacturer in the world. It beat out General Motors by more than 600,000 cars.
That year, Toyota would also post its first annual loss in the company’s history.