History: January 17, 2019

In the historic Battle of Cowpens, American regulars and patriot militiamen
demolish a Red Coats army, led by infamous Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton.

Brigadier General Daniel Morgan was the mastermind behind the operation. He ordered the militia to fight with the British, but to flee the front lines after firing 2 rounds. Tarleton took the initial retreat for defeat, and pursued the militia further — only to find a
well-armored and well-defended American Army waiting for him.

Tarleton escaped, but many of his troops did not.

Some golf pros and amateurs get together at the Taplow Club in New York city, to form a group that would become the Professional Golfers Association.

Rodman Wanamaker organized the meeting. He was the son of the founder of Macy’s Department Stores. He believed that golf should be recognized as an official sport, in order to bolster interest across the country.

The PGA would become officially established in April 10 that year.

In September, James Barnes took home the first national golf championship, including a trophy and gift of $2,580.

President Eisenhower addresses the country the last time as commander-in-chief.

In the address, he coined the phrase military industrial complex to describe the triangle of power and influence that accompanies the politics and bureaucracy behind building a strong national defense.

A B-52 bomber carrying 4 hydrogen bombs collides with a jet tanker over the Mediterranean.

3 hydrogen bombs land in a small town, and another crashes into the sea.

None of the bombs were armed, but some of the radioactive material in two of them leaked into crops and fields.

More than 1400 tons of radioactive soil was shipped back to the U.S. for proper disposal.

The Supreme Court rules it’s legal for owners of a VCR to record a TV show or movie and watch it later in the privacy of their own home.

Universal Studios alleged it was copyright infringement, and had sued Sony, who was the leading seller of VCRs at the time.

Universal said such an advanced device would wreak havoc on the entertainment industry, allowing people to enjoy programming, but on their own schedule.

An Arkansas state clerk alleges that president Clinton sexually harassed her while he was governor.

Her name was Paula Jones, the precursor to Monica Lewinsky. It was the first of several major scandals to rock the Clinton White House, including the Whitewater scandal and accusations of cronyism in who got fired in the White House travel agency.