The Hit List: January 16, 2019

  1. Count on the Washington Post for hard-hitting journalism. In covering the Clemson football team’s visit to the White House where they were served fast food for their meeting with President Trump, they fact checked the President’s assertion that there were burgers stacked a “mile high.” Alongside the commentary was a forensics-style diagram outlining just where the players could find Big Macs, pizzas, fries and other food, taking Trump Derangement Syndrome to a new low (or high?).
  2. Attorney General nominee William Barr is on Capitol Hill this week testifying in support of his nomination to the office. He held the office under President George HW Bush.
  3. The government shutdown’s effects are hitting the private sector. Delta airlines says it expects flat year-over-year first quarter growth, with fewer government employees and contractors being able to travel. And with government inspectors out of work, they’re unable to get new airplanes into circulation.
  4. Netflix stock spiked 6% Tuesday on the heels of its announcement that subscription rates would go up $1 or $2, depending on the plan. They’ve invested $8 billion in content development and are looking to take on $2 billion in debt to continue the original content efforts.
  5. An ex-girlfriend of Jayme Closs kidnapper Jake Patterson has revealed chilling details about him to Radar Online. The ex says he once killed a dog and would collect roadkill from the side of the road and stuff their heads. She said he at first seemed “nerdy” but “cool” when they dated in high school, but he quickly revealed a major temper.
  6. Ebola is resurging in Congo, in the second-worst outbreak in history. 600 cases have been confirmed in the last 5 months. 396 have died.
  7. Nike is out with a shoe out of Back to the Future. The Adapt BB self-laces when instructed by a smartphone app, and also smartly adjusts for the perfect fit on the wearer. Boston Celtics’ Jayson Tatum is expected to wear the kicks tonight on the court.
  8. An Australian journalist is out with a new book about the perilous dive rescue that saved 12 boys in Thailand last year. Liam Chochrane reports in his new book “The Cave” that the boys were drugged with ketamine and fitted with oxygen masks so the expert divers could help carry them to safety. They also had their hands bound behind their backs so that, if they woke up during the swim, they couldn’t panic and remove their masks. Their parents had been told they were sedated to assist in the rescue, but not to this drastic of a degree.
  9. Facebook will spend $300 million investing in local news initiatives, providing grants to community newspapers and increasing fact-checking efforts. The spend comes amid criticism that platforms like Facebook and Google have eaten into the profit margins of local papers.
  10. Texas Rangers Hall of Famer John Wetteland has been arrested for sexual assault of a child. The accuser is a family member, who says in 2004 when she was only 4 years old he forced her to perform an unspecified sexual act, repeatedly over the course of two years. One of Wetteland’s daughters has posted to Facebook that the allegations are untrue.