Hit List: January 15, 2019

  1. Congressional Democrats jetted off to Puerto Rico with their families, for an all-expense paid “fact-finding” mission paid for by lobbyists. Senator Bob Menendez was snapped beachside with an unidentified woman — meanwhile the government shutdown drags on.
  2. With the government shut down, the visiting Clemson football team wasn’t going to have much of a reception at the White House for their meet with President Trump — until Trump stepped in. Trump personally paid for a smorgasbord of fast food for the players.
  3. President Trump meanwhile rejected a compromise that would re-open government just enough to score political points with furloughed federal workers. He wants $5.7 billion that will go toward building a wall at the southern border.
  4. Jake Patterson has had his first day in court — he’s the creep who’s admitted to murdering Denise and James Closs and kidnapping their daughter Jayme, who last week escaped after 88 days in captivity. He appeared in court via video conference and is held on $4 million bail. Prosecutors expect the case to go to trial.
  5. The National Broadcast Corporation’s leadership is getting a shakeup. Mark Lazarus is currently the head of the Sports division, but will take over the whole organization, overseeing Broadcast, Caable, Sports, and News. The Peacock also announced plans to roll out a streaming service in 2020 to access much of its programming online.
  6. Los Angeles public school teachers have striked after 21 months of failed negotiations. Classes went on as usual for the 480,000 affected students, who were taught by fill-in substitutes.
  7. Jon Voight will appear as Justice Warren Burger in the forthcoming “Roe v. Wade” film. The movie has been produced in near-secrecy, fearing backlash from mainstream anti-life Hollywood actors, agents, and studios. A three minute trailer shows Voight in the role — the flick is slated to appear at the March for Life in DC in March.
  8. Norway’s government is looking into Jay-Z’s streaming service Tidal for inflating the number of times songs are played. Tidal says there’s nothing to see here, but some Norwegian artists think they’re missing out on income due to manipulated streaming data.
  9. FedEx will pay $35 million to New York City for illegally distributing untaxed cigarettes. By shipping direct to consumer, some cigarette manufacturers are able to forego the expensive excise taxes slapped on their product — $4.35 to the state and additional $1.50 to the city. FedEx policy prohibits shippers from sending tobacco, but NYC says they just turned a blind eye to those customers.
  10. Walgreen’s is testing video screens on the front of its refrigerated-section doors that would use smart technology to target ads to customers walking in front of them. The ads would change based on how cameras and artificial intelligence perceive the customer’s age and other demographics.