The Hit List: January 14, 2019

  1. Shortly after dismissing disgraced FBI Director Jim Comey, President Donald Trump was investigated for being a Russian agent, either wittingly or unwittingly. In a phone interview with Jeannine Pirro on FoxNews, Trump called it the “the most insulting thing” every written about him.
  2. At 23 days, the current government shutdown is the longest ever. Many federal workers didn’t get paid on Friday.
  3. House Democrats are opening their first formal investigations into President Trump. The Foreign Affairs Committee will pursue whether Trump tried to hide the contents of a meeting he had with Russian president Vladimir Putin.
  4. Julian Castro has announced he’ll run for the Democrat nomination for president in 2020. So will Hawaii rep Tulsi Gabbard.
  5. Protests outside of R. Kelly’s recording studio caused trouble over the weekend. The anti-R movement carried signs to #MuteRKelly. Once the crowd grew, trucks with speakers arrived blasting R’s music.
  6. YouTube star Logan Paul has apologized for remarks that upset the LGBT community. On his vodcast he jokingly said he’d “go gay” for a month, for which he is sorry.
  7. Apple will likely expand its software offerings so users don’t need Apple hardware to use it. Until iTunes came out, you’d need Apple devices to use their offerings; with streaming expanding and slowing iPhone sales, they may take the same approach to its entire ecosystem of offerings.
  8. Nebraska lawmakers want to take “mystery meat” off the table. Encouraged by the farm lobby, the state government is considering legislation that would define “meat” so that veggie burgers and the like couldn’t market themselves as such.
  9. A World War I U-Boat that was destroyed by its crew after running aground near France has resurfaced. Low tides have revealed U61 for the first time in over a century off the coast of Calais.
  10. Jean Calament has been validated to be the oldest living person ever, dying in 1997 at the supposed age of 122. But a new report by Russian researchers solidifies evidence that Jean was actually her daughter Yvonne, and couldn’t have been older than 100 when she died.