History: January 11, 2019

The Islamic prophet Muhammad leads an army of 10,000 into Mecca.

He sought to expel the Quraysh, who were occupying the city. Many of the elders also opposed Muhammad’s teachings as part of his new religion.

But the leader of the religion of peace would have none of it: he rallied supporters and tried to exterminate the Quraysh.

As his troops drew near, the Quraysh leader renounced his polytheistic religion, and adopted Islam. The old idols were smashed and the Muslims occupied the city.

Union General John McClernand and Admiral David Porter capture Arkansas Post, a Confederate stronghold on the Arkansas River.

The victory secured central Arkansas for the Union and lifted Northern morale just three weeks after the Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia. Arkansas Post was a massive fort 25 miles from the confluence of the Arkansas and Mississippi rivers.

It was designed to insure Confederate control of the White and Arkansas rivers, and to keep pressure off Vicksburg, Mississippi, the last major Rebel city on the Mississippi River.

Outdoorsman president Teddy Roosevelt declares the Grand Canyon a national monument.

The declaration sought to preserve the giant hole in the ground. Roosevelt said it was so wondrous, it could not possibly be improved.

In 1919, Congress outlawed private development around the Grand Canyon.

Striking workers at a General Motors plant clash with police, when the cops tried to cut off supplies from supporters outside the factory.

The strike was organized by United Auto Workers, who were seeking better working conditions.

Eventually the violence got so bad, the governor contemplated sending in the National Guard. But he also wanted to maintain good standing in the eyes of unionists, so he called them off.

Ronald Reagan gives his final address to the nation as President of the United States.

In it, he spoke of America rediscovering a commitment to freedom and being a respected leader around the world.

Most of all, he lauded the end of communism in the Soviet Union.