R. Kelly’s Victims Seek Legal Action

At least one of R. Kelly’s victims and families of two other alleged victims have contacted prosecutors in Chicago with what they believe is sufficient evidence to prosecute the singer.

Another victim, who doesn’t live in Chicago, also stated she would be contacting her local authorities.

MEANWHILE—the case against R. Kelly in which he was being sued for allegedly giving a woman an STD, has been closed. The woman, who alleges that she was held captive, plied with drugs & alcohol and given an unspecified STD, now plans to file a civil suit against the singer.

It is unclear what evidence or lack of evidence caused law enforcement to drop the charges.

MEANWHILE YET – producers of the docuseries that has put R back in the spotlight have opened up about how hard it was to get A-Listers on camera. Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Jay-Z, and Dave Chapelle have all been critical of Mr Kelly, but declined to be interviewed.