Aaron Rodgers and New HC, Boom or Bust

By all accounts new Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LeFluer has a resume so scant that the biggest thing he has going for him is that he is an offensive minded coach who probably plays Fortnite with Sean McVay.

The success of McVay in Los Angeles has made young offensive coaches the flavor of the month in the world’s biggest copycat league, the NFL.

LeFluer was the offensive coordinator with the Tennessee Titans and had worked with Marcus Mariota with middling success and with Matt Ryan who during his time in Atlanta was the league MVP and if the Super Bowl was only three quarters would have been a Super Bowl Champ.

LeFluer spent time in Washington as well under the Mike Shanahan regime that floundered through a revolving door of QBs before landing on Kirk Cousins. He then followed Kyle Shanahan to Atlanta and then left the Shanahan coaching tree to be the OC in Tennessee where they narrowly missed the playoffs in 2018, ending 25th in yards and 27th in points with an injured Marcus Mariota.

So now on to the head coaching job at Green Bay where Aaron Rodgers who ended his relationship with Mike McCarthy at odds over play calling and innovation.

Can Matt LeFluer bring new energy to a locker room had had after 13 seasons, tuned McCarthy out and wring the remaining bits of productivity from Aaron Rodgers?

The offensive whiz kid role takes better when your QB is a 22 year old second year QB like Jared Goff, not a 35 year old superstar like Aaron Rodgers who knows how great and indispensable he is.