R. Kelly’s Rebuilding & Retaliating

R. Kelly’s ex-wife is not standing in the way of the singer contacting and repairing his relationship with their kids. Despite being one of the victims portrayed on the Lifetime docuseries, she acknowledges that the children are all grown and fully understand the accusations against their father. A rep for Andrea Lee Kelly said that her main concern is seeing if her children are even interested in rekindling a relationship with their famous dad.

None of the ex-couple’s three kids watched the six-part docuseries.

MEANWHILE—R. Kelly is in retaliation mode after all the backlash from the allegations listed in the docuseries.

One of the harshest critics was “Shark Tank’s” Daymond John who said that he was so disgusted by what he saw that he feels the 51-year-old should “make amends to the victims and the families” and then kill himself, but wait until he is in jail to do it.

The singer and his camp are in the middle of launching a new website called survivinglies.com, which will aim at exposing his accusers as liars and reveal the motivation behind their allegations. In the meantime, a Facebook page has been set up to support the cause.