Another “Random” Drug Test for Eric Reid

Even the most hard line NFL observer has to admit there’s something not quite right with Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid being required to give a seventh urine sample following Monday night’s loss to the New Orleans Saints.

This was Reid’s seventh drug test in 11 games with the Panthers this season.

Reid went unsigned at the opening of the NFL season leading Reid and many others around the league to believe he was being punished for his National Anthem protest he joined in with former San Francisco 49ers teammate Colin Kaepernick in 2016.

Upon joining the Panthers, he remined socially active regrading racial profiling and police abuse of young black men.

Reid and Kaepernick are involved in a collusion suit against the NFL whereby they believe they have been blackballed by the league for their social activism. Reid and his attorneys plan to use the frequency of his drug tests as evidence of harassment in the lawsuit.

In response the NFL has said that the Union collectively bargained for the type of test and approved the independent/ neutral third party that runs the computer program to make the selections.

Maybe the program is biased against Reid…