Dodgers Don’t Want Long Term, Record Harper Deal

The MLB teams in the Bryce Harper Derby may have one less team to contend with.

The two-time defending National League Champion Los Angeles Dodgers want Harper but not if it requires them to sign him to a long-term record setting salary contract.

The Dodgers, instead would be more inclined to give him a shorter deal with opt-outs for both sides. Even at that arrangement it could create a luxury tax situation for the team and cause a log jam in their outfield.

Given the fact that Harper has already rejected a 10-year $300 million-dollar deal from the only club he’s ever known, the Washington Nationals, it’s difficult to imagine him signing a deal with nay team that isn’t a head turning deal.

The Dodgers have succeeded without Harper winning six straight division titles and two National League Pennants and have an outfield full or stars, however getting a bat like Harper could be what the Dodgers need to get them over top and win their first World Series Championship since 1988.

Harper could also make up for the loss of shortstop Manny Machado who is on his own courtship tour around MLB.

Harper’s production is worth plenty but the Dodgers, its seems aren’t interested in bringing it in as part of a long-term commitment.