Steelers Stone the Patriots

For the first time since 2002 a Bill Belichick lead New England Patriots team has lost consecutive games in December dropping a tight road contest to the Pittsburgh Steelers 17-10.

With the loss the Patriots have fallen to the fourth seed in the AFC and have yet to clinch the AFC East Division crown. While the Pats will get a home playoff game as a division winner any remaining playoff contests will have to be on the road.

That home game could come against the Steelers in the Wild Card round of the playoffs as they haven’t clinched their division yet either. New England would relish the chance to get to play the Steelers again in Foxborough.

The Steelers defense came up big in the game bailing out Ben Roethlisberger from two interceptions and held Tom Brady out of the end zone after the Pats scored on their 3rd play of the game.

The Steelers were able to convert three third and long opportunities late in the fourth quarter leading to a Chris Boswell 48-yard field goal to put the game at 17-10 where it stayed.

The Steelers held the Patriots in the red zone with :14 seconds remaining on four straight incompletions by Tom Brady.