Reid Has Waited His Whole Career for This Team

2018 is Andy Reid’s 20th season as an NFL head coach and his sixth as the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs and this Chiefs team is the one he’s waited his whole career to coach.

Reid has wanted a team that is so dynamic on offense that it can overcome any obstacle that an opposing defense can mount and possibly carry the them to a Super Bowl Championship.

Reid has been close to having that kind of teams a few times. You don’t get to be the 8th winningest head coach of all time without a few good teams.

He has never been quite there until now.

The Chiefs have the best record in the AFC and appear to be stronger than ever to challenge for the AFC Title since Reid arrived in KC in 2013.

The Chiefs are far from a perfect team. Their defense gives up yards and points as quickly as the offense can put them up and losing star running back Kareem Hunt to an assault beef has hampered their attack, although they have won both games since Hunt was cut for the team.

An attack that is made up of MVP candidate quarterback Patrick Mahomes and receiver Tyreek Hill and tight end Travis Kelce is as dynamic as Reid has ever had. While Reid had good teams and players to go with Donovan McNabb and Alex Smith, Patrick Mahomes is a generational talent.

The offense gets a big lead on their opponents and that places the opposing team in a one-dimensional position allowing the Chiefs defense to do what they do best, rush the passer. The Chiefs defense has 42 sacks second best in the league.

A high-powered offense and a just good enough defense may be the combination that gets Andy Reid his first Super Bowl Championship.