Texas Defensive Lineman Forced to Apologize for OU Comments

35 years ago
there was a brash defender who had a crazy hair do and wore number 44 and hailed
from Texas, his name was Brian Bosworth.

The 2018
version of Brian Bosworth is named Breckyn Hager and he plays for the
University of Texas and was just made to apologize about comments he made
regarding Bosworth’s alma mater, the University of Oklahoma.

Following UT’s
win over Big 12 rival Iowa State, the always good for a quote Hager, was asked
for his feelings about Oklahoma giving up 40 points in a win over the Big 12’s
worst team, Kansas. Hager replied, “Oklahoma has no defense” and “It’s 11:12
and Oklahoma still sucks!”

Well that didn’t
sit too well with the Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby, who called the comments
a violation of the conference’s Sportsmanship and Ethical Conduct Policies.

He was reprimanded
for comments he made regarding he need to injure Texas Tech quarterback Patrick
Mahomes in 2016 as well.

after the press release from the Big 12 demanding the apology Hager issued a lengthy
statement about respecting the UT-OU rivalry and the respect he has for many of
the OU players, blah, blah, blah…

There is a
chance that UT and OU could meet in the Big 12 Championship game and if that
happens Hager’s comments will certainly provide motivation for the folks in
Norman, OK to give Texas’ #44 a nice reception.