NFL Coaching Hot Seat

Ten weeks
into the 2018 season and there are a few coaches that may survive and few that should
be contacting real estate agents in their cities.

Hot- Matt
Patricia, Lions

While he’ll probably
get a first-year pass in Detroit, Patricia will have lambs to sacrifice to save
his job as offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter will likely be shown the door
and special teams coach Joe Marciano was whacked last week. Shoddy offensive
line play and a shaky defense, supposedly his specialty, has looked to suffer from
lack of communication and effort.

Marvin Lewis, Bengals

The NFL’s
longest tenured head coach has done just enough in recent years to avoid firing
and while he’s dealt with injuries on offense there’s no reason his defense
should get worn out at home like they did against New Orleans on Sunday. The
Saints weren’t forced to punt once on Sunday and their defensive coordinator
Teryl Austin was fired Monday morning. At 5-4 and games remaining with the
Browns and Raiders the Bengals may get to .500 and it’s hard to believe that
Bengals ownership will settle for much more of the same.

Even Hotter-
Adam Gase, Dolphins

 He can point to early season wins and injuries
as reasons why the Dolphins’ season has begun to list and take on water for
Gase to keep his job. During their loss in Green Bay the Packers kept setting
the Dolphins up in good field position only to have them fail to cross the goal
line. The Brock Osweiler lead offense has not scored a touchdown in nine
quarters. The Dolphins defense quit on Gase against a team that looks for
reasons to have Aaron Rodger throw giving up 145 yards to Aaron Lewis. The Dolphins
have a relatively weak schedule down the stretch and may end up at .500. If
they can get Ryan Tannehill back after their bye week will it save Gase?  The Dolphins have an irate fan base that has
seen all they care to from Gase, the supposed offensive guru.

The Hottest-
Dirk Koetter, Buccaneers

The coach
who staged the palace coup against Lovie Smith is now on the verge of being ousted
himself. Koetter took the play calling duties away from up and coming offensive
coordinator star Todd Monken and under his play calling lost 16-3 to the Redskins
on Sunday. They went 0-5 in Red Zone opportunities and Ryan Fitzpatrick had a
fumble and interception and missed a pair of field goals, problem that Koetter
has never been able to solve. Koetter has the hottest seat in the NFL right
except for Todd Bowles.

Todd Bowles, Jets

The dismal
2-7 Buffalo Bills came into Met Life Stadium and stole the Jets’ lunch money
and pantsed them to the tune of a 41-10 beating. Poorly disciplined and
unmotivated the Jets are among the worst teams in the league with no upside
other that a few bright moments from rookie QB Sam Darnold who sat out Sunday’s
mess with a foot injury. Seeing Bowles fired this week would come as no surprise
to no one.