The Match: Tiger Vs Phil

We are only days away from the high stakes pay per view throw down between Tiger Woods and Phil Mikelson at the Shadow Creek Country Club in North Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday November 23rd.

The two golf heavyweights will square off for an 18-hole match that will earn the winner and his entourage a cool $9 million dollars.

The two men, who have dominated professional golf over the last 20 years will donate a portion of their winnings to charity.

While Tiger is longer and more consistent off the tee despite a myriad of surgeries, and more accurate with his irons, Phil has a better short game and is one of the best on the Tour at keeping little score form turning into big scores and Phil is better on the greens when putting for par.

Tiger still holds an advantage when it comes to the mental edge and even if pressed Phil will likely tell you that Tiger is better right now.

A big purse and a pay-per-view audience will make it tough on both golfers but as we sit today Tiger Woods should will this one round match in a close one.